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Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This intensive program will excite young writers with numerous tools and alternative approaches to the writing process in either fiction or poetry. Organized into small group workshops based on students' choice of genre, key elements of the program include:

• frequent workshop sessions in which leader and participants offer supportive feedback on your writing;
• lively discussions of selections of 20th-century and contemporary writing;
• individual meetings with workshop instructors to discuss how you will undertake a significant writing project and to review your progress;
• writing-intensive sessions, focusing on challenging writing exercises;
• meetings with poets and fiction writers who will read from and discuss their works.

This blend of small workshops, group writing sessions, plus presentations by practicing writers will inspire you to experiment with new approaches, and to consider issues of writing as process, and modes of creativity. You will grow as a writer, hone your creative skills, and deepen your passion for the writer's craft. This course is ideal for students who have a serious interest in creative writing and modern literature, who are not afraid to experiment with structure, and who want to develop a daily writing practice. Within the group writing sessions, students will have the opportunity to explore both genres whether enrolled in the poetry or fiction workshop.

This course is most appropriate for rising juniors and seniors. Rising sophomores are eligible, but must submit a one page essay indicating why this writing workshop is of interest.