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Robotics – Programming and Innovation

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Do you like LEGO's? Do you like robots? Have you ever wanted to make your LEGOs come to life? If these questions appeal to you, then you will want to register for this course.

This LEGO robotics course will feature fully customizable LEGO robotic creations. Students typically work in groups of 2 or 3 designing and building a working model. You will learn how to write code to program your team's LEGO robot to complete in a variety of challenges. Emphasis will be on learning the basics of both coding and mechanical design through class competition. Your robot will be 100% autonomous; once you press the start button the robot will rely on sensors such as ultrasonic, light, and/or sound to achieve explicit tasks in the competition.

The course includes dynamic multimedia lectures, hands on student lab time, and computer programming. Students will be exposed to a survey of current robotics research and how the knowledge they are learning can be applied to this growing career field. The challenges will engage students to think innovatively, using creative methods to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Programming topics will include basic syntax structure such as for and while loops, and proceed to more advanced topics such as rudimentary algorithms.

Prerequisites: A passion for robotics. No programming experience required; you will be taught the basics of the RobotC programming language.

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