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Do You Want to Be an Engineer?

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

In this course we will explore the interdisciplinary connections between different engineering fields, ranging from mechanical engineering to materials science, and include topics and projects in biomedical, chemical, and aerospace engineering.

Throughout high school, you may well have wondered why classes focused so much on scientific concepts rather than on any of the various applications, and especially on the engineering applications, that seem to grow out of them. We, the instructors, felt the same way. In "Do you want to be an Engineer?" we present some of the awesome applications developed in various fields of engineering, exploring such questions as: “How is window glass made?”, “What makes different metals have different properties?”, “How do bridges stand up?”, and many more.

This class additionally has a trip to the Boston Museum of Science, and in the past has visited various laboratories on campus, including the mechanical testing facility, sand casting laboratory, and others. Activities are geared towards embracing teamwork (important in today's industrial world) by collaborating with each other and developing solutions to design projects, with the capstone project of a bridge design competition using limited resources.

Though you will be learning new scientific concepts as well as using the ones you know, our class focuses primarily on applying these concepts in problem solving and in hands-on engineering activities. Through the duration of the course, we want students to gain an appreciation of these problem solving and critical thinking skills essential to a career in engineering, while not overlooking the creativity, design, and practical applications of this broad and exciting field.

Although there are no prerequisites to the course, subject material may be more challenging to those without biology, chemistry, or trigonometry experience.

*Please note: This course has a Material Fee of $150.00.

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