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Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This course is a week long introduction to the basics of the CAD package Solidworks. This CAD software will be used to help you create solutions for engineering design challenges presented in this course.

Engineering has changed tremendously in the past few decades. Some of the most notable changes can be found in how computers are used by engineers to quickly develop and communicate ideas. Recent advances in the technology of computers and software have made using Computer Aided Design (CAD) central to the art of Engineering. These systems allow design concepts to be mathematically modeled in three dimensions of digital space. To facilitate visualization, computers utilize powerful graphical interfaces to show a digital representation of the model. By following simple instructions, basic two dimensional sketches can be extruded into a third dimension, and then further shaped by simulating the addition or removal of material. Forms can be created with mathematical precision, and these forms can be assembled together to develop more complex representations of mechanical systems.

Another modern tool which has had a huge impact on how concepts for new ideas are conceptualized and communicated is the rapid prototyping machine. These three dimensional printers can translate the complex models developed using CAD, and create real physical models from that information. This allows Engineers to avoid the long and costly processes traditionally used for prototyping.

Throughout this course, engineering design challenges will be presented. CAD software will be used to develop digital prototypes, which will then be printed in three dimensions using equipment in the Brown Design Workshop.

Following this course, students should:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of CAD;
  2. Be able to create three dimensional models using CAD systems;
  3. Translate file formats for articulation between different systems; and
  4. Utilize three dimensional printers to print CAD models.

This course has a Materials Fee of $50.00.

NOTE: This course is part of the Summer@Brown Engineering series. It is strongly suggested that you register for a section of Introduction to Engineering and Design during any week prior to a Field course. We feel that successful completion of Introduction to Engineering and Design will enhance your understanding of and success in any of the Field Courses.

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