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Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Conversion

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

The main objective of the course is to deliver background knowledge of renewable energy and discuss the advantages and challenges of existing methods of energy storage and conversion. The course will help students to understand the importance of renewable energy. This will provide the foundations to students who are interested in related subjects such as materials engineering, environmental engineering, and energy conversion.

The course will focus on several points:

The importance and challenges of renewable energy to human society. Secondly, it is about under developing engineering technologies to overcome these challenges. For the second point, the cutting-edge technologies for energy storage and conversion like solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), PEM fuel cell, lithium ion battery, solar cell, and capacitors etc. will be introduced and the advantages and challenges among will be discussed. Third, it is about how the nanomaterials can help humans overcome the challenges and the challenges for the commercialization of these nanomaterials in field of energy storage and conversion. This will give the students a strong background for them to study the field in materials engineering and energy.

After this course, student will know and understand the following key concepts:

1. What are solid oxide fuel cell/PEM fuel cell, lithium ion battery, solar cell, capacitor etc.?
2. What are advantages and limited of these energy conversion and storage devices?
3. How scientists/engineers try to overcome these challenges on these devices?
4. What kind of knowledge and background is needed for study and work in these fields?

In addition, students will obtain hands-on experience and learn on how to perform research on improving the nanomaterials for energy storage/conversion.

It is recommended that students have a rough idea about energy and materials.

Please note there is a $75 course fee.

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