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Brown Environmental Leadership Lab: Hawai'i

This course is no longer being offered.

Course Description

This spring, Brown University offers curious high school students a unique opportunity to explore Hawaiian culture, tropical ecology, and leadership skills. Traveling from the mountains to the sea, students will explore the Big Island’s diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems, studying geology, forest ecology, aquatic life, cultural studies, and land use. Participants will stay at two scenic locations during the course, Volcanoes National Park and the South Kona Coast. These sites are not only of important cultural significance but provide easy access to the dynamic, living laboratory that is Hawai’i . Leadership content is integrated into this immersive course, enabling students to develop and practice socially responsible leadership both during the program and beyond.

Brown, with support from its affiliate, The Kohala Center, offers this intensive program for exceptionally motivated and mature high school students with interests in environmental studies, leadership, and cultural studies. The Kohala Center assists in identifying a diverse network of Island-based resources with expertise in natural science, cultural studies, and history. Brown University and The Kohala Center are committed to helping students learn how Hawai'i residents are working to preserve and enhance the intellectual, cultural, and natural assets of the Island.