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Brown Environmental Leadership Lab: New Orleans & Louisiana Gulf Coast

This course is no longer being offered.

Course Description

This April, Brown University offers outstanding high school students an opportunity to study wetland ecology, human geography, bayou cultures, and leadership skills in the nation’s largest coastal wetlands laboratory: the Mississippi River Delta. The program begins in the heart of New Orleans where we explore the natural and social forces that shaped the history of city. For the second half of the week, we travel down the bayou to Cocodrie to investigate the surrounding salt marshes and bay ecosystems. Leadership content is integrated into this immersive course, enabling students to develop and practice socially responsible leadership both during the program and beyond.

Working closely with The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Brown offers this academic program for pre-college students with interests in science, leadership, and cultural studies. Coastal Louisiana is losing land at an alarming rate which will impact availability of seafood and oil and gas throughout out the country, in addition to many basic good shipped to the heart of the country via the Mississippi River. While the coast cannot be restored to any point in the past, we must prepare for a changing future. Resources for this effort are limited and decision-makers face difficult choices. Undoing the past and righting the future in the face of both natural and man-made disasters means bold action must be taken.Together, we will learn about current conservation, restoration, and protection efforts in the region.