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Modern Greek in Naxos

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This three week course is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Modern Greek and is aimed at developing the ability to speak Greek, to understand spoken Greek and comprehend and extract information from written texts, within a specific framework of topics and functions. Through a variety of resources, the students will be given the opportunity to learn something about Greece and get a glimpse of Greek culture and the customs of Greek people.

The course aims to develop basic functional skills, the ability to speak, understand spoken Greek, read and write using a number of themes ranging from talking about one’s self and getting by in a Greek speaking environment to expressing opinions and ideas on various topics; to provide students with adequate grammatical and syntactical knowledge in order to perform functions and communicative tasks in Greek; to familiarize students with aspects of modern Greek culture and society, including reference to everyday life, popular culture, music, sport, etc.

An online tutor and daily handouts will constitute the basis and point of departure for developing the appropriate language skills and building up the students’ language awareness and vocabulary. Additionally, a variety of other resources will be employed to further supplement the existing materials: magazines, authentic texts, newspapers, quizzes, crossword puzzles, music and video.

Reading, speaking and listening practice will form an integral part of class time. Students will be asked to practise and consolidate recently taught material and structures through comprehension exercises, questions and answers, role-play, drama games, song and various communicative tasks. There will be opportunity for writing practice, through assignments focusing on grammar and vocabulary extension.

This course is only open to students enrolled in Pre-College Global Programs.

**When registering in Banner, students must enroll in “Greece & the World” (CRN: 10403) AND a language course: “Ancient Greek” (CRN 10379) or “Modern Greek” (CRN: 10380).