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Ancient Rome: Archaeology and Civic Life

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the high point of Roman civilization, the Early Imperial Era, from which remains rich literary and archaeological evidence. Students will investigate the Romans through daily visits to archaeological sites throughout the modern city of Rome, as well as through museum visits and readings in the relevant literature.

The Romans ruled an empire that stretched from Spain and Morocco in the west to Iraq in the east, from England in the north to Egypt and Arabia in the south. The city of Rome was the political, economic, and cultural center of this empire, and, together with ancient Greece, became the father of our Western culture, as evidenced in our art, architecture, literature, engineering, law and government. We will be studying the early Imperial era (ca. 40 BC " AD 140) of this ancient civilization, when the Roman Empire was at its largest extent. We will be investigating both political and historical trends, as well as the art, architecture, and literature of the Romans.

This course will enable a student to move into a college-level Roman Civilization, Roman Art and Archaeology, or Roman Religion class with a basic understanding of important historical movements and figures, cultural practices, and archaeological terminology.

This course aims:

  • to provide students with a general knowledge of the topography of ancient Rome and the southern Italian plain as well as the most significant monuments and artifacts of the period in question.
  • through investigation of these materials in their original contexts, as well as through lectures on social history, to help students achieve a better understanding of the daily lives of the Romans.
  • to develop in students a recognition and appreciation of the cultural heritage that the Romans have passed down to us.

    This course is only open to students enrolled in Pre-College Global Programs.

    **When registering in Banner, students must enroll in "Ancient Rome: Archaeology & Civic Life" (CRN 10397) OR "Secrets & Symbols of Roman Art & Architecture" (CRN 10398) AND “Beginning Italian” (CRN 10370) AND one Humanities course option: “Modern Italy Through Film” (CRN 10399) or “Digital Photography" (CRN 10400).