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The Art of the Film

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

In “THE ART OF THE FILM” we will examine the dramatic effects and cultural implications of the techniques used in film making, and some of the central developments in film’s artistic and technological history. The course will be broken down into a series of sections, each based upon a given formal technique (mise-en-scene, lighting, editing, sound, etc.) or important concepts in film theory (montage, realism, the politics of representation, gender, experimental strategies, etc.).

The final week is devoted to the close study of Film Noir, a popular genre of mystery and suspense films which we will consider through both historical and philosophical registers, analyzing the emergence of the genre in mid-20th-century Hollywood as well as its more recent revivals as "neo-noir."

This course provides students with the basic tools and methods for film appreciation, film study, and film critique, as well as an understanding of film history. The goal is to develop students’ capacities for the analytic description and critical interpretation of popular cultural forms. Assignments include daily film screenings, nightly readings, group discussion, a film journal, in-class presentations, and exams.

No previous knowledge of film studies is required.

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