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Leadership in Science, Technology and Medicine

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, and emerging technologies have a major impact on our everyday lives in the 21st century. They provide new insight into our complex world and address a range of global needs and problems. However, these innovations also reveal conceptual, philosophical and ethical questions about the nature of matter, the existence of facts, and the boundaries of research. The next generation of leaders in science, technology and medicine must not only be experts in their field, but also have a sophisticated understanding of the philosophical and historical roots of science, technology and medicine in the 21st century. In this course, we will address questions about the nature of truth, the function of hypotheses, and the soundness of scientific methods.

There will be three overall aims of this course. First, we will analyze classic texts that have been fundamental to the development of science, technology, and medicine from the birth of the modern scientific method in the 17th century to the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Secondly, we will make connections with local and global scientific networks and engage with leading researchers on a wide range of controversial contemporary Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) issues including: climate change; evolutionary biology; genetic modification of plants, animals and humans; and ethical STM policies for governments and institutions. The third element of this course will be focused around the theme of 'leadership for social change' which includes the development of an Action Plan which must be presented at the end of the program. This is a challenging course designed for rising juniors and seniors that will provide a foundation for further study at university in a number of disciplines: sciences, history, sociology, philosophy and medicine.