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Leadership and Conflict Resolution

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Conflict is ubiquitous. We encounter it in our daily lives with friends, family-members, and colleagues; in our communities between different interest or identity groups; and at the global level between state or non-state actors. Good leadership is essential at any and all of these levels to ensure that conflicts are dealt with constructively rather than destructively, to ensure that the potential for social change and transformation that inheres in conflict is realized, rather than lost in the infliction of physical violence or other forms of harm. This course will explore the phenomenon of conflict--at the interpersonal, communal, and global levels--and will focus on various nonviolent strategies for managing, resolving, and transforming it.

Students will be encouraged to think creatively and critically about conflict, to develop their capacity for empathetic imagination in order to understand a conflict from multiple points of view, and to reflect on the role of leadership in conflict, both as a party to a conflict and as an intervener in a conflict. They will also have the opportunity to develop their own conflict skills; including active listening, creative problem-solving, negotiation, mediation, dialogue facilitation, and public speaking. Course assignments and activities will include nightly reading, in-class interactive group work and presentations, role-plays, films, and short written assignments. The final project will be for students to develop an Action Plan to take back with them and work on in their home communities.