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Global Business

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This 3-week course has been developed by faculty of the IE Business School in Madrid to provide pre-college students the opportunity to explore undergraduate level business topics and to develop a global and multidisciplinary understanding in disciplines such as international economics, finance, politics and contemporary culture. The course is a series of morning lectures taught by a team of IE Business School faculty. It is intended to expose students to systems of practice and thought that will facilitate a greater understanding of diverse communities and encourage values, ethics, tolerance and inter-cultural communication in contemporary societies and businesses.

Topics in the Global Business curriculum include:

* International Organizations Today
* Business, Government and Society
* Globalization and Media
* Art History: Romanesque, Gothic, Islamic, Catalan, Gaudi
* European Union

This course is only open to students enrolled in Pre-College Global Programs.

**When registering in Banner, students must enroll in “Global Business” (CRN: 10407) AND a language course: “Beginning Spanish” (CRN: 10376) or “Intermediate Spanish” (CRN: 10377) AND a Humanities course: “Space, Place, & Moving Image” (CRN: 10590) or "Segovia: A Drawing Diary".