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Leadership and Conflict Resolution: Northern Ireland & Beyond

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Northern Ireland has been the site of tremendous polarization and violence over the past several decades, but also the site of remarkable efforts at conflict resolution and peacebuilding. It therefore provides students with a unique context for examining both the dynamics of conflict and strategies for its peaceful transformation.

This two-week course in Ballycastle and Belfast, Northern Ireland, will explore these dynamics and strategies from multiple perspectives, drawing on the fields of conflict resolution/transformation. Guest lectures by local activists, politicians, religious leaders, former militants, artists, business people, and others, as well as visits to sites with symbolic or institutional importance to the conflict and its transformation"such as Derry/Londonderry (site of the Bloody Sunday protests), divided Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods in Belfast, and Stormont (site of the Northern Ireland Assembly)"will bring to the surface both key areas of progress and on-going issues of contention. In addition to course discussions, guest speakers, field trips, small-group activities, role-plays, short written assignments, and presentations, we will use poems, plays, short stories, and films as media through which to inhabit multiple perspectives of the conflict and thereby gain a greater appreciation for its complexity and human dimension.