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Organizational Behavior

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Course Description

A standard course in any undergraduate Business department, Organizational Behavior integrates the study of management principles and practices with the study of human behavior within organizations. Students will be exposed to philosophies, theories, and generally accepted techniques in the management of people in the work environment as we focus on issues, such as organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and human resource development, that are relevant to the three levels of organizational behavior (individual, group, and organizational).

Topics we will cover include: understanding effective learning styles, personality, motivation, stress, creativity, power, conflict, diversity, and communication, along with leadership, team-building skills, and taking an ethical, socially responsible stance. The course’s main objective is to provide the essential content and experience needed to become a motivated student, a successful manager, and an effective employee in any type of work. By taking the course, students will understand themselves and other people at work and will learn how to create effective work groups to be successful in life; these concepts may be applied to academic situations and will help students working in groups in college, as well. This course will help to prepare students for leadership roles in modern organizations and is designed for students of any discipline.

The course is focused upon exercises, self-analysis techniques, and role-playing; students learn the specifics of a particular subject matter and about their own strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Students participate in exercises and simulations, which are designed to reproduce experiences, and learn observational skills and theories that encourage them to experiment with and test what they have learned, either in class or other areas of their lives. The purpose of the course is to teach students how to learn so that that they will become life-long learners, capable of responding to demands for change and new skills through their careers.

Successful completion of this course should enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

• List and define basic organizational behavior principles and analyze how these influence behavior in the workplace.
• Analyze individual human behavior in the workplace as influenced by personality, value perceptions, and motivations.
• Outline the elements of group behavior including group dynamics, communication, leadership, power and politics, and conflict and negotiation.
• Understand their own management styles as they relate to influencing and managing behavior in the organization systems.
• Enhance critical thinking and analysis skills through the use of management case studies, personal application papers, and small group exercises.
• Strengthen research, writing, and presentation skills.