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This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

The TheatreBridge Acting Company offers a connecting link between high school and college theatre and encourages a commitment to a life of creative engagement. This highly selective intensive provides promising young actors an opportunity to stretch their imaginations as they build their skills and create new work under the mentorship of established theatre professionals. Past Resident Assistants have been Brown University theatre concentrators, carefully selected and dedicated to helping you focus, strengthen, and release your creativity while exploring the reality of what life is like on a vibrant, thriving college campus.

TheatreBridge Acting faculty draw from diverse techniques all of which aim to identify and strengthen the skills that empower actors to engage their deepest and most authentic creative impulses. Meisner, Hagen, M. Chekhov, Bogart and other famous acting trainers inspire a network of improvisations, exercises, and scene work that combine to release actors into a new freedom in their work with and without text, encourage a visceral, impulsive response in human interaction, and ground the actors work in truthful, purposeful doing. Deepening the craft of acting, and strengthening a sense of how to get the most out of rehearsals, what to look for when reading a script, how to build a specific physical life for a character, etc. are goals that drive the TheatreBridge process.

Daily classes (including Saturdays) in movement, improvisation, and script work make up the basic program. Students can expect to spend the majority of their evening and weekend hours rehearsing and preparing for classes. As in the professional theatre, Mondays are “dark”, so that students are free to avail themselves of the resources of the University, the city of Providence, and the northeastern region generally, as well as co-curricular and recreational programs, trips, and other offerings organized for Brown pre-college programs.