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Digital Photography

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This is a course in Basic digital photography dedicated to STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. It is divided in two parts: The first being theoretical, with the analysis of the work of the masters of Photography, an historical and technical approach to the style and an overlook to the traditional techniques of the past and present (from B/W prints to Lightroom and Photoshop software elements. The second being practical including fieldworks and specific assignments where student prepare his/her final project.

The main aim of the course is to prepare student to face situations where the photographer is a witness of an event to be shared through images. Shooting techniques will be interlaced to new perspectives in photography given by vision awareness and usage of specific SOFTWARE. Every day student will practice techniques and take pictures to create a personal style in photography.

The student will be able to create his/her own Portfolio. In every part of the course the instructor follows two criteria to critique the works: Techniques and Creativity. The aim is to realize a final exhibit.

Students are required to supply their own digital camera.

This course is only open to students enrolled in Pre-College Global Programs.

**When registering in Banner, students must enroll in "Ancient Rome: Archaeology & Civic Life" (CRN 10397) OR "Secrets & Symbols of Roman Art & Architecture" (CRN 10398) AND “Beginning Italian” (CRN 10370) AND one Humanities course option: “Modern Italy Through Film” (CRN 10399) or “Digital Photography" (CRN 10400).