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German for Reading (Online)

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

This course prepares students to read and understand German texts from a variety of disciplines and in various genres. This intensive introduction to German grammar and syntax is for students without prior knowledge of German, but also for those students with some background in German who wish to review and master German grammar. The student who successfully completes this course will have the necessary foundation for reading and translating texts from German into English.

In this course students will:
• learn strategies to read and understand books, articles, newspapers, magazines, and online materials in German
• acquire skills to translate accurately from German into English
• analyze and decipher simple to complex German grammar
• gain a better understanding of English grammar
• develop techniques to decipher vocabulary without the use of a dictionary
• work with dictionaries to achieve a greater understanding of the nuances of German vocabulary.

This course is appropriate for undergraduate students looking to refine grammar skills or for those anticipating graduate school language exams, as well as for graduate students needing to pass a language exam. Successfully passing this course can often fulfill the language requirement, please consult with your individual department. We welcome students from all academic disciplines who need to understand and read texts in German. Students will have daily homework consisting of translating passages and memorizing vocabulary using an online vocabulary training program. This course is taught in English. Enrollment limited to 18.

Course not open to Pre-Baccalaureate Students

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