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Leadership and Global Health

Despite world-wide advances in technology and development, providing basic health care to people in resource-poor settings continues to pose enormous challenges. Now more than ever, the global community is focused on overcoming inequities in health care and reducing poverty as a means of curbing the spread of disease and improving lives. Building on this momentum, this course...

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Leadership and Global Development

Despite unprecedented increases in global wealth, a large share of the world’s population still lives in abject poverty. Addressing economic, social, and political inequality is one of the primary challenges for the world in the 21st century.

Development is a complex and controversial endeavor. Some think of development as industrial or economic growth, some as a...

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Leadership and the Future of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, and emerging technologies have a major impact on our everyday lives in the 21st century. They provide new insight into our complex world and address a range of global needs and problems. Few pre-college students are exposed to the advanced research that will likely lead to the future of science, technology and medicine. In this...

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Social Media and Social Change

Can Twitter be used effectively as platform for protest? Can the use of Facebook make a difference in national elections, social movements, and human rights campaigns? Can Tumblr be used as a community building tool, connecting people around the world towards a shared vision?

This class will investigate the possibilities and pitfalls of using social media for social change....

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Human Rights: Leadership and Action

The abduction of more than 200 school girls in Nigeria, the oppression of gays and lesbians in Russia, and the deaths of thousands of Ebola victims in West Africa have rightfully drawn the condemnation of human rights advocates. The recent killings of unarmed black men in the United States remind us that human rights violations are not just a problem over there; violations...

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Public Policy: Leading and Creating Change

Public policy is the set of laws, rules, and regulations enacted and enforced by government. Policy is made in response to a societal issue or problem that requires attention and is made on behalf of the public. Examples of public policy include: marijuana legislation, standardized testing in schools, environmental regulations, and immigration. Policy affects virtually every...

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Leadership and Global Engagement

The world is a complicated place. World leaders must address an array of domestic and international issues on a daily basis. Their leadership qualities and styles often reflect cultural and social norms as well as their nation’s political system. Understanding how global leaders make decisions and how those decisions impact the world is vital as the world becomes increasingly...

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Leading with Empathy in the 21st Century

There is a recent groundswell of interest in empathy; CEOs, best-selling authors, and international leaders have identified empathy as one of the most important leadership skills of the 21st century. Generally understood as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another,” empathy will play an increasingly important role in our interdependent and hyper-connected...

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Women and Leadership

Despite remarkable progress over the last hundred years, women in the 21st century still face unique challenges in educational, career, social, and political arenas. In this course, students (1) analyze the position and portrayal of women in society, (2) explore how gender and other factors influence women’s leadership styles, and (3) propose strategies to facilitate...

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Leadership and Social Justice

Leadership and Social Justice is a course designed to provide engaged students with the tools and theory needed to become successful change makers, activists, and community organizers. This course explores how grassroots movements can transform communities, cultural norms, and global systems. How are campaigns developed, initiated, and orchestrated? What factors determine a...

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Changing Business: Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems. In this course, students will study how social entrepreneurs and social enterprises are addressing global challenges in areas such as education, job creation, the environment, arts, poverty, health care, and finance. Students will explore how different kinds of...

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Identity, Diversity, and Leadership

Who am I and how does my personal background impact my life experiences, my world view, and my relationships with others? To work effectively as a leader towards social change, one must have self-knowledge and an understanding of how individual, institutional, and societal inequity manifests in society, both locally and globally.

Through engaging readings, provocative films...

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Human Trafficking: Saints, Sinners, and Modern Day Slavery

In the past decade, human trafficking has rapidly risen to the top of the global human rights agenda. This course introduces students to the varying definitions of human trafficking in law and practice in a variety of global contexts. It provides an overview of critical debates in "modern day slavery" studies, including: gender, labor, migrant, and sexual...

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Creativity and Social Change

In this course, we will study how art and activism have intersected in contemporary society. Students will study the ways in which artists and community-based art initiatives are effectively addressing a wide array of social issues. Providence is home to a several nationally recognized youth arts programs and students will have an opportunity to learn about these organizations...

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