Pre-College Programs

Check In and Orientation

Information for Accepted Students

When To Arrive

Students check in between 9:00am and 1:00pm on the Sunday before the program starts. Students will be directed to the check-in location where they will receive their residence hall room keys, Brown ID card, an orientation schedule, and campus map.

Although students should make every effort to plan their travel to Brown based on a Sunday arrival, procedures are in place to accommodate Saturday arrival for those students who are arriving from long distances and need to work around flight schedules. There is a $150 early arrival fee for students arriving on Saturday. Early arrival must be requested in advance of the program. If you meet the early arrival criteria due to long-distance travel, please complete the Early Arrival Request Form. As buildings are in use throughout the summer, the rooms for specific programs may not be available until Sunday at 9am; therefore, any approved early arrivals may be housed in a different building than the one students will be assigned to on Sunday.

Please review our instructions on early and late arrivals »

Campus Tours for students and their families are offered on Sunday check-in. Students and their families will receive information about campus tours when they arrive on campus.

Orientation for students and their families are offered on Sunday after students check in. Following orientation, parents should plan to depart campus by 2:45pm. An orientation for students only will take place at 3:00pm. Commuter students are strongly encouraged to participate in all orientation activities. Orientation activities for students generally end by 7:30pm. Commuter students can be picked up at the Faunce Arch (75 Waterman Street) at 7:30pm.

Arrivals After 1:00 P.M.

Students should make every effort to arrive between 9:00am and 1:00pm on the Sunday before their classes begin. Students who arrive after 1:00pm. must check-in at the Office of Residential Life, Grad Center E, 42 Charlesfield Street, 3rd Floor, Room 302. Any student who arrives after 9:00pm will be housed in a temporary room for the evening until they officially check in at Grad E, 3rd Floor, Room 302 at 8am on Monday morning.

When To Depart From Campus

Students should leave campus on Friday after attending their last class, and must return their key and check out of the residence hall no later than 9:00pm. Students are expected to attend their last class. Please note that some classes are scheduled to end at 6:40pm. If class schedules or long distance travel plans necessitate staying on Friday night, students may remain until Saturday. Students will receive information about checking out of their room including where to return their room key prior to the end of their program but must move out of the residence hall by 9:00am on Saturday. Students do not have to register for late departure online but must inform their RA that they are staying.

For Students Attending Back-to-Back Pre-College Course Sessions

We will make every effort to house students who are attending consecutive sessions of the same duration (e.g. 2-Week A to 2-Week B) in their original room assignment. However, students will have a new roommate. Students who are attending consecutive sessions of different durations (e.g. 1-Week session to a 3-Week session) will need to move into a different residence hall at the end of their first session. Students may not remain in their room because the residence halls will be used for another pre-college session. This is so the students can form bonds and relationships with students who are in their course and on campus for the same duration of time. This has proven to create better communities for students to be most successful. Students are responsible for moving their belongings as residential staff are needed to check in students who are arriving for the next pre-college session. In most cases, the residence halls are located in close proximity to each other.

Important Dates for Students Enrolled in Summer Session Credit Courses

Summer Session Reading Period: August 2–5

Final exams: August 6–8

Leave campus: August 9

Students enrolled in summer session credit courses who wish to make their travel plans in advance should plan to leave campus after their last final exam which may be scheduled on August 3 but as late as August 8. Students should contact their instructor to find out the date of their exam.

Be Sure to Attend All Class Sessions

While we understand that many students have very busy summer schedules, we strongly discourage students from enrolling in classes that conflict with their other activities and which would require them either to miss the first or the last days of a class. Pre-College courses are intensive learning experiences: missing classes at either the beginning or the end of the session jeopardizes a student's ability to engage successfully and complete course work. Many classes also involve group work, and a student missing classes at the beginning or the end of the session can also jeopardize the learning experience of other students in the class.