Pre-College Programs

Accepted Students

Forms for Accepted Pre-College Students

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Forms Required for:

On Campus
Pre-Baccalaureate Program
Intensive English Program
Leadership Institute

Additional forms, if applicable

Pre-College Course-Specific Forms

Completion of forms is mandatory prior to student’s full participation in the courses below.

The following courses require a Course Waiver Form:

Techniques in DNA-Based Biotechnology CRN: 10061, 10062

Research Techniques in Biomedical Fields CRN: 10104 or 10626

Genetics and Human Behavior CRN: 10151

Laboratory Research in Biomedicine CRN: 10349 or 10500

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry: From DNA to Enzymes CRN: 10256

Introduction to Medicine: Do You Want to be a Doctor CRN: 10063

In addition, these courses require the following forms:

Introduction to Medicine: Do You Want to be a Doctor CRN: 10063

Entrepreneurial Process: Turning Ideas into Commercial Realities CRN: 10485 or 10684

Online Courses

Global Programs: Rome, Segovia

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL)

BELL: Alaska

BELL: Narragansett Bay

BELL: Rhode Island


SPARK Course-Specific Forms

So You Want to be a Scientist CRN: 10130

DNA Science & Biotechnology CRN: 10522

Exploring the World of Marine Science CRN: 10134

Conservation of Endangered Species CRN 10121