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Leadership Institute - Information for Accepted Students

Information for Accepted Students

We are delighted that you are going to be part of the Leadership Institute!

We hope that this information will be helpful as you and your family make travel plans and prepare for your experience with us. If you have any questions, please contact You can also reach us by phone at 401-863-7900.  We look forward to meeting you.

Students, before you arrive, please review the following:

Program Information

How many students are there? What are they like?

Generally there are about 120-140 students in each Leadership Institute session which is comprised of 4-5 different courses. Most students are rising juniors and seniors who come from all over the world!  The Leadership Institute attracts academically motivated and socially aware students who are interested in contributing to the betterment of their schools and communities.

Where will we live? Who will we be living with us?

Leadership Institute students will be housed together in the same residence hall and will be assigned a roommate. Undergraduate students, called Leader Fellows, are also housed in the residence hall. A Resident Director, a graduate student, will also be living in residence providing support and supervision, during the entire program.

Who are the Leader Fellows and what do they do?

Leader Fellows are undergraduate college students who serve both as teaching assistants and as resident advisors in the Leadership Institute. We have nine terrific Leader Fellows, who will provide assistance and supervision to participants both within and outside of the classroom. Leader Fellows are a great resource and in addition to providing academic and personal support, they are available to share insight and experience about the college experience. Additionally, they work closely with the Resident Director to develop social and educational programming specific to the Leadership Institute. We encourage students to actively seek out residential staff for advice, assistance, and mentorship.

What is our schedule?

Monday - Friday

9:00 – 11:30 AM - Class time

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM - Lunch and free time

1:00 – 3:00 PM- Class

4:00 – 6:00 PM - Leadership development workshops or free time for study and/or recreational/educational activities

6:00 – 7:00 PM - Dinner

7:00 – 10:00 PM - Community meetings or free time for study and/or recreational/educational activities

Exceptions to the schedule include the day on the Challenge Course and the last day of the program.

Saturday & Sunday - Free time for study, recreational and educational activities

What leadership skills will I learn and practice?

What is the Action Plan?

We believe that students have the ability and responsibility to be engaged global citizens. The Action Plan is a capstone project, enabling students to apply what they've learned at Brown, in their home communities.

We help our students define the issues that they are passionate about and construct a plan for addressing them. We work with them to set realistic goals, identify mentors and resource people and anticipate challenges.

We encourage students to think about some topics before they come to Brown, but most students don't actually know what their Action plan will be until they start working on it in class. Instructors and Leader Fellows will help students design an action plan that fits your interests and skills.

What are some examples of Action Plans?

  • Developing  a program, initiative, or educational campaign (climate change,  media literacy, body image) in your school, church/mosque/synagogue, or neighborhood
  • Forming a student organization at school that addresses a societal problem such as affordable housing, relationship violence, or college access
  • Planning and implementing a fundraiser for an organization or cause
  • Improving your own leadership skills or developing your own content knowledge around an issue of importance to you

What is a “Challenge Course?”

A Challenge Course, or low ropes course, is an outdoor experience that challenges groups to solve problems and work effectively together.  It provides an opportunity for students to gain insight into their own leadership styles and to observe the ways in which groups work best.  Experiential learning provides a “living laboratory” for students’ analysis and complements more academic discussions regarding leadership; it is a powerful teaching tool. Our course is located in Bristol, Rhode Island on Brown-owned property.  We will travel by bus to this location.

You are required to wear long pants (NOT capris) and close-toed shoes like sneakers or hiking shoes for this activity. We also recommend that you bring a rain jacket or inexpensive poncho.

Please make sure to pack a rain coat, long pants, and close-toed shoes (sneakers, hiking shoes) for this activity.

Tick Awareness

As with most outdoor locations in the Northeast, deer ticks that sometimes carry Lyme disease may be present at the site where the Challenge Course is held. We take a number of precautions while on the course, including: provision of permethrin-treated socks that students are required to wear, spraying students’ close-toed shoes with permethrin, and requiring students to check themselves carefully at the end of the day. Should a student find a tick on him/herself, we work closely with Brown Health Services to implement a protocol that may include tick removal and/or a preventative course of antibiotics. Although not required, some families may be interested in purchasing tick repellent clothing for this activity prior to the course or having their own clothing treated. Information can be found here:

If your student experiences any flu-like symptoms, joint aches or a bulls eye rash, upon their return home, you should contact your medical provider and inform him/her that your student has been in an area where there are deer ticks that sometimes carry Lyme disease. We have had hundreds of student participate without any problems, but we want you to know about deer ticks and tick-bite prevention should you be unfamiliar with this information.

Opening Day Schedule

Orientation for Leadership students will be offered on Sunday after students check in. All orientation activities will begin at 4:30PM. A location will be posted as soon as it has been finalized.

Closing Day Schedule

Please plan travel arrangements to ensure student participation in Action Plan presentations on the last day of the program-- they are a required component of the Leadership Institute. The program will begin at 1:00 PM and end at 3:00PM.

We strongly encourage parents and family members to attend our Closing Day program if they are able to do so. This will be an opportunity for parents/family members to hear Action Plan presentations from the students and meet Leadership Institute faculty and staff.