Pre-College Programs
Spending Money

Pre-College Programs: Spending Money

Information for Accepted Students

When planning how much money to bring, students should consider the following: class-related supplies such as books/coursepacks, laundry, movies, dining out, bus/cab fares, postal service, toiletries, snacks, magazines, and transportation home. Students are responsible for food and admission tickets on weekend off-campus trips. The amount of money to bring largely depends on normal spending habits. Students who enjoy eating off campus and shopping will need more money than those exclusively eating in the dining hall.

Students may purchase a Bear Bucks Guest Card for $1 from any Value Port machine to use washers, dryers, and campus printers and copiers. Cost to use a washer and dryer is a $1.25 per load. You also will need to supply your own detergent, fabric softener, and bleach.

It is advised to only add money in small increments, as unused funds are not refundable. ValuePort III machines are conveniently located at the Rockefeller Library, Sciences Library, CIT Building Lobby, Josiah's, Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, Bookstore Lobby, Emery Woolley Hall and at 222 Richmond Street.

Summer Session credit-bearing courses and most Pre-College courses require textbooks and/or coursepacks. Textbook costs vary from $100-$300. Coursepack costs vary from $35-$100. Students will be notified whether their course requires a textbook and/or coursepack at their Sunday check-in. They will be able to purchase them in the basement of the Brown Bookstore after check-in.

In addition to "ready cash," students should bring an ATM card or traveler's checks. Automatic teller machines are conveniently located on campus. Traveler's checks are much safer than cash and can be easily cashed with the presentation of appropriate identification. Please note that local banks will not accept personal checks or money orders from students and will only accept American Express traveler's checks, which can be purchased at any bank.