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Atlanta, Georgia

Location-Based Program

Disease Control: Biotechnology versus Microbes

Program Dates:

One-Week Session
Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 22, 2017

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For students completing grades 10-12 by June 2017, with a minimum age of 16 by the start of the program. An introductory biology or anatomy course will be advantageous to students, but not required. Students who do not have a strong biology background are encouraged to email the instructor a week before class begins to acquire extra reading material to enhance their scientific foundation.

Fees: $3,066

Passport/Visa Requirement:

A passport is required. US and EU citizens do not require a visa.

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Application deadline: Friday, April 7, 2017.

Why are some diseases incurable?

Medicine is losing the fight against emerging infectious diseases. The microorganisms that cause infections can out maneuver and genetically transform to combat our best medicines to date. In this course, students will learn the microbiology behind the most fatal infections facing society today, such as ebola, toxoplasmosis, influenza and insect-borne illnesses. We will also explore deadly infections that afflicted our ancestors hundreds of years ago, such as the small pox and polio. Finally, we will discuss how antibiotics and vaccines are designed in order to defend humans against deadly drug-resistant diseases.

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