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Global Programs: Segovia, Spain | Faculty and Staff

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Carmen Granda is currently a Lecturer at Amherst College and doctoral candidate at Brown University. Her dissertation focuses on embodiment and shame in Don Quixote. Her love for Cervantes and the Spanish culture has taken her to Spain, where she lived for two years. While in Madrid, she studied at the Universidad Complutense and completed a M.A. in Spanish literature with Middlebury College's School in Spain. In addition to traveling extensively around Spain, she has also spent significant time in Argentina. She has taught all levels of Spanish to high school students, undergraduates, and adults. From 2008-2013, she worked as a teacher and Assistant Spanish Director at Middlebury Monterey Language Academy, an intensive high school summer language immersion program. This will be her third summer working for Brown's Global Program in Segovia.

Elena Lledó Macau earned her PhD in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London with a focus on post-war abstraction in France. She has worked in galleries and museums in Europe and organized a number of art festivals and cultural events in Europe, and the US. She has lectured at RISD and published contemporary art criticism for over 15 years.

Cristina Otero holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Philology and post-graduate Certificate from Universidad Completense de Madrid. She has taught Spanish for several years at the Oxford Intensive School of English.

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