Pre-College Programs

Segovia, Spain: For Accepted Students

Global Business in Context: Spanish Language, Literature, Politics and Media.

Contact Numbers

Families may contact us at any time during the program in the event of an emergency. Students should bring a copy of these emergency phone numbers while they are traveling as well as leaving a copy with their parents/guardians.

On-Site Director: Carmen Granda
Cell: 401-440-9587

IE University
Cardenal Zuniga, 12
40003 Segovia, Spain
T: (34 921.44.26.88

Rosario Navarro – Director, International Programs, Brown University

Emergency phone numbers in Spain
112 – Emergency Police Help Number (also ambulance and fire)
061 – Medical emergencies

Brown University Department of Public Safety
(001) 401-863-4111 – Emergencies (when calling from Spain)
(001) 401-863-3322 – General inquiries (when calling from Spain)

Congratulations on your acceptance!

We have compiled some important information for you. Please review this carefully with your family and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at We look forward to your participation in the Segovia Global Program!

Table of Contents

Forms for Accepted Students »

The following forms and supporting documents are required for participation in a Global Program:

Attn: Forms Coordinator
Brown University Pre-College Programs
Box T
Providence, RI 02912

Required Student Pre-Orientation Tutorial »

Banner ID required for log-in.

Regarding Disability and Medical Accommodations
- Rosario Navarro, the Director of International Programs and Language Area Studies, will contact students who note medical, learning, or dietary needs on the required forms. Phone calls will be made the last week of May (May 25 – 29). 

Code of Conduct

Please familiarize yourself with Brown University’s Pre-College Code of Conduct statement on the Pre-College Program: Policies webpage.

Travel Dates and Times

Program Dates
Sunday, June 28 – Saturday, July 18, 2015

Booking Flights

Airport:  Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD)
Arrival:  Sunday, June 28, 2015 - arrive by 1:00pm
Departure: Saturday, July 18, 2015 - depart by 1pm

Once program is confirmed and you are ready to book flights, please contact us at 401-863-7900 or if you cannot find a flight within stipulated time frames.

Once your flights are confirmed, please fill out your itinerary here. The form will also ask for emergency contact information and dietary preferences. Please note that if you are arriving/departing outside of the program dates, we cannot provide accommodations pre/post program.

Airport Arrival and Departure

Arrival: On arrival day, students are met at the Madrid International Airport by Brown staff to transfer you to IE University in Segovia. After students claim their luggage and go through Customs, they will connect with staff at the ARRIVALS area. Staff is easily identifiable by Brown University shirts. Staff will be readily available at the airport in the event of unexpected travel delays. 

Departure: On departure day, transportation will be provided to Madrid International Airport and students will be accompanied to appropriate terminal by program staff. Staff will be readily available at the airport in the event of unexpected travel delays. 
In case of flight delays, please call the On-Site Director.

Before You Arrive

Pre-Departure Program Orientation
A pre-departure program orientation via WebEx is scheduled for Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 1:30 pm EST. Please note this web conference is intended for both students and parents. Information on how to access orientation will be emailed prior to the web conference.

Download the slides from our Pre-Departure Orientation »

Communication with Families
Program staff will communicate with families during the program via email during key points, such as arrival and departure as well as arrival to overnight visits. Email communication will primarily be intended to inform families that students have arrived at destinations safely.

Families will also receive access to the program blog. Student submissions will speak to program developments and student learning. Families will receive access to the blog the first day of the program.

Course Information

Students enroll in both of the following courses:

1.) World in Turmoil: Global Business and International Relations (CRN: 10410)
2.) Beginning Spanish (CRN: 10376) or Intermediate Spanish (CRN: 10377).

Course Material requirements:
All course materials will be available on-site and/or on-line.

Packing List

Required Items

Students are not required to bring their laptop computers but are welcome to do so. There is wireless internet everywhere at IE University. Alternatively, computer labs are available for student use.

Spending Money
Plan to bring between 300-500€ in spending money. The most convenient way is to acquire a prepaid credit card which can be used as a credit or ATM card. Visa or MasterCard are most widely accepted. Another alternative is to use your bank ATM card; be sure to have your bank activate your card for overseas use before your departure. Cash can also be easily exchanged at the airport or at several locations in the city but there is a usually an additional exchange fee for this service.

What not to bring
Students are prohibited from bringing illegal drugs, alcohol, and weapons of any sort, including pocket or swiss army knives.

During The Program

Accommodations and Meals

Students reside at the Reyes Catolicos Residence Hall on the IE University Segovia campus.
The following information regards the facilities at IE University:

Field Trips
Weekend trips includze visits to Córdoba and Sevilla, Salamanca, and Madrid. Program staff members accompany the field trips and supervise students at the off-campus sites.

Accommodations and meals during field trips will be provided at local hotels and restaurants.

A detail overview of weekend trips will be covered during the pre-departure orientation on Sunday, May 10.

Fellow Students
There will be approximately 25 students from all over the U.S. and the world in the program. Students are at least 16 years of age and in grades 10 through 12 in high school. 

Health and Wellness

HTH Worldwide Insurance
Each student participating in a Pre-College Global Program is automatically enrolled in HTH Worldwide during the length of the program. HTH Worldwide provides insurance coverage for accident and sickness, and also emergency assistance services. Students will be emailed instructions on how to log into the HTH Worldwide site for coverage and benefit information prior to departure.

Personal Health and Medical Emergencies
This program is experiential in nature therefore students spend minimal time in a traditional classroom setting. The program is physically challenging as students spend much of their time walking throughout the city. To that end, we ask that students to monitor their water intake in order to avoid dehydration.
Program staff has a list of medical facilities and providers in order to provide students with the medical care required.  In the event of a medical emergency, student will be transported to a local hospital located within minutes of St. Stephen’s.

Dietary Restrictions and Medical Conditions
Brown will work with the staff at each location to make accommodations for dietary restrictions and food allergies if we are notified in advance. Students must communicate any dietary allergies on the Medical and Immunization History Form. Dietary preferences, including vegetarians and vegans, should be indicated through the Travel Itinerary & Emergency Contact Form.
If your student brings prescription medication, the On-Site Director or his/her designee will collect and store all prescription medications on the first day of the program. Students must be responsible for requesting and taking prescribed dosage. Students with life-saving asthma and anaphylaxis medications (eg. epi-pens and inhalers) must keep them on their person at all times. All students who are taking prescription medications should bring the prescribed medication in the original container with a copy of their prescription to give to the On-site Director. Having a copy of the original prescription may enable us to replace medication if needed.