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Support Clean Water for Haiti

From the Leadership Institute Symposium on Social Change

Author: Zackery Taylor

Ana Sloan and I have worked together since the earthquake on Haiti incident to make sure that the country will receive one of the most essential needs that they are in desperate need for, water. By creating the program “Support Clean Water for Haiti” we have been able to raise about $1000. The money had been raised by selling custom-made wristbands that say “PVHS Supports Clean Water For Haiti”, which we sell at a price of $2 each. All of the proceeds made from the wristbands go directly to another well known organization that we work with called “The World Water Relief Program”, which then uses the money to buy clean water which  gets shipped to Haiti. So far the people who have purchased these wristbands are students, teachers, and faculty members at Pinole Valley High School. Even school board representatives have chipped in a gracious sum that helped support our cause. This is an individual, not school run, organization that Ana Sloan and I completely created ourselves and have control over. Both of us have put in our time and effort to make sure that the people of Haiti get what they need, whether it be by us spending time and money, or by the community getting involved. Posters and flyers have been handed out at our school, school board meetings that have been on TV, and to our parents to put up at work. The project has had a wonderful effect on me because it makes me feel as though I am actually helping someone out in need, and it makes me feel involved. I have learned that if I just put my mind to something, no matter what, it can be accomplished. The project has made others that buy these wristbands feel involved to because they actually are supporting clean water for Haiti. The reason why I wanted to work on this project and  created it was because I realized that my leadership abilities don’t just stop in my community, they can be used and shared in all parts of the world.

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