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Pre-College Online Courses

Brown’s pre-college online courses are rigorous, active learning experiences designed and led by Brown’s innovative, dedicated instructors. Explore challenging subjects through coursework designed to inspire curiosity and discovery, engage in intellectual discussion, and connect with students from around the world – enthusiastic, creative and accomplished students like you.

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Topics include health sciences, engineering, creative expression, leadership, and more.

Balance learning and life with a flexible weekly schedule

Brown’s online courses are asynchronous, which means you are not required to log in at a set time. You can access your coursework anytime, anywhere. However, you will be expected to log in daily to participate in discussions and keep up with course assignments. You should expect to commit 10+ hours per week to complete your coursework.

Challenge yourself and grow through meaningful, personalized feedback

Throughout your course, you will interact with your instructor and your student colleagues. Your instructor will evaluate your assignments, respond to your discussion posts, and invite you to connect one-on-one to provide support and advance your learning. At the end of your course (if 3 weeks or longer), you will receive a written evaluation from your instructor summarizing your performance in the course. If your instructor determines that you have successfully met all course requirements, you also will receive a Certificate of Completion. Pre-college online courses are not for college credit.

I enjoyed the interactivity of the course and the amount of information offered. The discussions helped me to consider other perspectives to the same problem. I also liked how the main topics were broken down into modules and we had a final project which we could synthesize and apply what we learn. —Student


Students currently in grades 9-12 are eligible for pre-college online courses.

Application now closed for Summer 2016.
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