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Providence Rowing Camp at Brown University

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The Providence Rowing Camp at Brown University provides a fun and exciting atmosphere where high school aged (13-18) athletes can learn from top-level coaches how to improve their technique, develop into competitive racers and learn the ins and outs of the college recruiting process.

Athletes are coached at Brown’s Marston Boathouse, where they are provided with top level equipment, facilities, and coaching. They will also be provided with short seminars ranging in topics from improving performance on the erg, dealing with the recruiting process to balancing life as a student athlete.

Aside from excellent coaching, athletes will also have the opportunity to make great friends with the other campers coming from as close as Providence and as far away as England. Campers will be supervised at all times and will have downtime activities to encourage them to learn from and about their fellow campers.

Hunter S. Marston Boathouse
The Hunter S. Marston Boathouse is the home of men's and women's crew at Brown and is located close to India Point Park in Providence on the Seekonk River, where all crew races are held.

The Marston Boathouse was purchased by the University in 1966 with funds given by Hunter S. Marston, Class of 1908. The building, which had previously been used by the Saltesea Packing Company as a fish processing plant, was remodeled and dedicated on October 7, 1967.

Marston Boathouse is an outstanding facility with storage space for 18 eights, seven fours, five pairs, and two singles. The boathouse is fully equipped, giving Brown's rigger the ability to make repairs on site, and can handle all the needs of a competitive rowing program.

On November 12, 1994, the boathouse was rededicated after extensive renovations were done to completely modernize the facility. Both the men's and women's teams have expanded locker and shower space for all rowers. Marston also houses a 16-seat indoor rowing tank, a separate weight room for men and women, and 34 ergometers for each team.

Inside Hunter S. Marston Boat House, campers will have small group sessions involving a mirrored, indoor rowing tank, state of the art Concept 2 ergometers, and multipurpose spaces for circuits, video analysis, and more fun challenges.

Athletes traveling from outside the Providence area stay at the Wyndham Garden (220 India Street, Providence, RI) located across the street from the boathouse and equipped with air conditioning. Athletes have round the clock supervision and meals provided through the the Wyndham Garden.


  • Personal hygiene items as needed
  • Prescription medication-albuterol, epipen, etc. (Please let camp directors know if you will be bringing any medications)
  • Athletic shoes and socks
  • Dock sandals
  • Sunblock is a MUST!
  • Hat and/or visor- you will be outside much of the day with limited shade
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Several comfortable workout, closer-fitting shirts
  • Rowing trou
  • Windbreaker and/or splash jacket, preferably of light material
  • Several white/light t-shirts
  • One long-sleeve shirt - keeps the sun off or just as cover for a chilly morning
  • Bathing suit (just in case)

    Items to leave behind:
  • Campers stay at the Wyndham Garden and will not need extra bedding
  • Computer - It’s only 5 days to go without Facebook. Enjoy face-to-face time!
  • Cell phone should not come to practice; if you have it, leave it in the hotel!
  • Anything else valuable that you don’t need for camp, leave behind! Enjoy the atmosphere and leave home at home.

    Very Important: Rowing clothing should fit close to the body. Anything loose, including running shorts and low-hanging shirts WILL get stuck in rowing boat tracks. This not only causes disruptions but also leads to equipment damage and potential injury, due to the nature of the sport. NO BASKETBALL-STYLE SHORTS WILL BE ALLOWED DURING ROWING SPECIFIC WORKOUTS! This includes mesh athletic shorts and other loose-fitting gear. Rowers wear spandex trou shorts or unisuits for a reason! If you don’t have a pair, it would be a great investment since they will be required at the college level. If you are unsure where to find a pair economically, email us. Coxswains should wear athletic gear that won’t scratch the boat (i.e. no rivets).

    Brown University Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants that meet the listed age requirements for each camp.