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Life on Campus: TheatreBridge
& Playwrights Workshop

Six Weeks of Immersive Theatre Study for High School Students

Brown University TheatreBridge & Playwrights Workshop Program for High School Students

All program students live together in a Brown residence hall and eat their meals in campus dining halls. Brown University Undergrad Theatre students live with TheatreBridge students and Residential Advisors.


Teams of students in the program provide front-of-house support at performances of the Brown/Trinity Playwright’s Repertory Theatre periodically throughout the program, and that support sometimes requires that students make themselves available on a Saturday night. Otherwise, unless special events or assignments are scheduled, students use weekend time for research, rehearsal and relaxation.

Co-Curricular Activities

The TheatreBridge program creates an intensive and focused work environment where students are often fully engaged in theatre-related activities throughout the day. As time allows, TheatreBridge students are invited to participate in all Summer@Brown co-curricular activities and events.

Read what our students have said about TheatreBridge

I feel so lucky that I got to experience this incredible program the first year of its existence. All of the instructors were fantastic and the relationship with the Playwrights' Rep company was really special -- to get to meet and talk to working playwrights and actors and see a new work getting its first run was very inspiring.

Brown University TheatreBridge & Playwrights Workshop Program for High School Students

This is an intense program that teaches you things about yourself and allows you to make really awesome friendships (all while doing a fun acting intensive.)

TheatreBridge is the most honest and amazing experience you can have in such a small amount of time.  The people you work with are so great and supportive. TheatreBridge makes theatre so much more meaningful.

Do it! The program not only makes you grow as an artist, but also helps you grow as a person

TheatreBridge offers the opportunity to explore theatre and acting by delving into your sense of creativity and personal strength. TheatreBridge offers you new philosophies, techniques, and ways of performance that open your mind, heart, and spirit.

I would say that the TheatreBridge experience hits you like a wave and the best thing to do is to ride it with kindness, willingness to try new things. Say yes, and of course have fun!  If you do this truly will be an unbelievable actor-growing, life-changing summer.

TheatreBridge is an intense, amazing experience. You will grow so much as an actor and person in just six weeks, as well as gain skills you will use forever. 

This experience will change your life. It is the most challenging, frustrating, fun, and exciting experience I have ever had.

Brown University TheatreBridge & Playwrights Workshop Program for High School Students

The program was transformative and amazing. Not only did it completely open my eyes to what theater is and can be, but also I made some of the best friends I've ever had, and we're keeping in touch.

It was an eye-opening, eventful journey that has completely shifted my perceptions.

..thank you once again for leading and crafting the best summer of my life. The instruction was, across the board, sensational, and the dramaturgical conversation -- highlighted by the discussions -- seriously affected my approach to future creative writing endeavors.