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So You Think You Want to Be a Doctor: An Introduction to Medicine

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

So you think you want to be a doctor? This course is designed to help you answer that question by letting you see the practice of medicine firsthand, giving you a taste of what medical school would be like, and helping you evaluate how well your talents and preferences match those of a career in medicine.

You will "try medicine on for size" by spending a half a day in a clinical setting, studying gross anatomy, histology, physiology, and microbiology in the laboratory, interacting with standardized and virtual patients as part of problem-based learning, and acquiring the study skills needed to succeed in medical school. You will participate in career-decision workshops that will let you explore your own career preferences and match them to various medical specialties. You will explore the broad dimensions of medicine as a profession ranging from ethics and the politics of health care reform to the biology of disease.

Medicine demands that those who enter the profession be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and committed to the best interests of their patients. This course demands the same from its students--like medical school, it will be challenging, but the rewards will be great.

It is strongly recommended that applicants successfully complete a basic course in high school biology prior to enrolling in this course.

*Please note: This course has a Supplemental Fee of $300.00.

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