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Revolting Bodies: Aesthetics, Representation, and Popular Culture

Course Code: AMST 0191O

Our understanding of ourselves and others are formed by visual images and bodily feelings that are social in origin. They make us feel (un)comfortable, sublime, ridiculous, grotesque....(more »)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Course Code: ANTH 0100

This course provides an introduction to cultural anthropology, surveying its defining questions, methods, and findings. We will examine the history and utility of anthropology's...(more »)

The Anthropology of Violence

Course Code: ANTH 1554

What does it mean to "do" or to "commit" violence? How do we recognize it when it is so ubiquitous? Be it through war, ethnic cleansing, social conflict, revolution,...(more »)

Methods of Applied Mathematics I

Course Code: APMA 0330

This course will cover mathematical techniques involving ordinary differential equations used in the analysis of physical, biological, and economic phenomena. The course emphasizes...(more »)

Methods of Applied Mathematics II

Course Code: APMA 0340

Mathematical techniques involving differential equations used in the analysis of physical, biological and economic phenomena. Emphasis on the use of established methods, rather...(more »)

Statistical Inference I

Course Code: APMA 1650

APMA 1650 begins an integrated first course in mathematical statistics. The first half of APMA 1650 covers probability and the last half is statistics, integrated with its probabilistic...(more »)

Introduction to Human Physiology

Course Code: BIOL 0060

An introduction to human physiology aimed primarily at undergraduates who have minimal to no Biology background or who are not concentrating in biology. Acquire a basic understanding...(more »)

Cell and Molecular Biology

Course Code: BIOL 0500

This course examines the structure and function of the basic unit of an organism, the cell. An experimental approach is used to examine cellular functions, ranging from gene transcription,...(more »)

Principles of Immunology

Course Code: BIOL 0530

Introduction to experimental and theoretical foundations of immunology. Focuses on concepts, landmark experiments and recent advances. Topics include innate and adaptive immunity;...(more »)

Principles of Physiology

Course Code: BIOL 0800

Introduction to the function and integration of animal systems with an emphasis on mammals. Includes basic concepts in cell and organ system physiology as well as fundamentals...(more »)

Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure

Course Code: CHEM 0330

Explores the electronic structure of atoms and molecules, thermodynamics, solution equilibrium, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, and reaction mechanisms. Course includes lecture...(more »)

Organic Chemistry

Course Code: CHEM 0350

Sequel to CHEM 0330. Investigates the constitution and properties of the different classes of organic compounds, with considerable attention to reaction mechanisms. The laboratory...(more »)

Greek Mythology (Online)

Course Code: CLAS 0900

“What of these things goes now without disaster?”
-Aeschylus, Agamemnon

This course is an introduction to Ancient Greek mythological traditions....(more »)

The Idea of Self

Course Code: CLAS 1120G

Literature gestures us toward a certain kind of knowledge not quite psychological, not quite philosophical. We read widely in the classical and medieval traditions in order to...(more »)

The American Presidents and the Western Tradition (Online)

Course Code: CLAS 1120U

We are accustomed to engaging the American presidency as a public office best approached through the prism of government or political science, but this course studies the ways...(more »)

Children's Thinking: The Nature of Cognitive Development (Online)

Course Code: CLPS 0610

An examination of children's thinking and cognitive development from infancy to middle childhood. Considers a range of topics including memory, reasoning, categorization,...(more »)

Developmental Psychopathology

Course Code: CLPS 0640

A comprehensive introduction to child and adolescent psychological disorders. Focuses on risk, vulnerability, and protective factors in order to probe why some children develop...(more »)

Quantitative Methods for Psychological Sciences

Course Code: CLPS 0900

A survey of statistical methods used in the behavioral sciences. Topics include graphical data description, probability theory, confidence intervals, principles of hypothesis testing,...(more »)

Research Methods in Psychology

Course Code: CLPS 1090

This upper division laboratory course is designed to provide CLPS concentrators (psychology/cognitive science/cognitive neuroscience) with the tools to comprehend, conduct, and...(more »)

Sleep and Chronobiology Research

Course Code: CLPS 1194

Part of a summer immersion in behavioral science research in human sleep and chronobiology. Instruction in human sleep and circadian rhythms, research techniques in basic physiology,...(more »)

Abnormal Psychology

Course Code: CLPS 1700

The study of anxiety, stress, and neurotic disorders, psychosomatic disorders, deviant social behavior, affective disorders, and schizophrenia. Considers theories of etiology (causes)...(more »)

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in History, Literature, Film

Course Code: COLT 0812

An examination of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the lens of cultural production. We will read literature and film in combination with historical texts, exploring how...(more »)

Principles of Economics

Course Code: ECON 0110

Extensive coverage of economic issues, institutions, and vocabulary, plus an introduction to economic analysis and its application to current social problems. Required for all...(more »)

Financial Accounting

Course Code: ECON 0710

Basic accounting theory and practice. Accounting procedures for various forms of business organizations.

(more »)

Intermediate Microeconomics

Course Code: ECON 1110

Tools for use in microeconomic analysis, with some public policy applications. Theory of consumer demand, theories of the firm, market behavior, welfare economics, and general...(more »)

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Course Code: ECON 1210

The economy as a whole: Level and growth of national income, inflation, unemployment, role of government policy. Prerequisite: MATH 0060, 0070, 0090, 0100, 0170, 0180, 0190, 0200,...(more »)

History of Economic Thought

Course Code: ECON 1275

Seminar explores economic thought from the classical Greek philosophers to mid twentieth-century economists. It is not a course in economic history. Rather, the course deals with...(more »)

Introduction to Econometrics

Course Code: ECON 1620

Probability and statistical inference. Estimation and hypothesis testing. Simple and multiple regression analysis. Applications emphasized. Prerequisite: ECON 0110, or AP Microeconomics...(more »)

Good, Evil, and Inbetween

Course Code: ENGL 0510S

Are humans born naturally good, evil, neither, or all of the above? Does evil lurk deep within the heart of all that is good, or can the forces of good eradicate those of evil?...(more »)

Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay

Course Code: ENGL 0900

An introduction to university-level writing. Students produce and revise multiple drafts of essays, practice essential skills of paragraph organization, and develop techniques...(more »)

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (Online)

Course Code: ENGL 0930-S01

Creative Nonfiction: Writing the World is for students with a serious interest in writing narrative essays based on fact, research, interviews, and memory....(more »)

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (Online)

Course Code: ENGL 0930-S02

Creative Nonfiction: Reading, Writing, and Traveling takes advantage of its online format to enable students to read, reflect, and share their travel experiences...(more »)

Reading French in the Arts and Sciences

Course Code: FREN 0220

Designed to develop the reading competence in French for graduate students (or advanced undergraduates with permission of the instructor). Fundamentals of grammar and syntax are...(more »)

Writing and Speaking French I

Course Code: FREN 0500

A four-skill language course that stresses oral interaction in class. Thematic units will focus on songs, poems, a short novel (E-E Schmitt), two graphic novels (Sattouf, Larcenet),...(more »)

German for Reading (Online)

Course Code: GRMN 0120

This course prepares students to read and understand German texts from a variety of disciplines and in various genres. This intensive introduction to German grammar and syntax...(more »)

The American Civil War

Course Code: HIST 0252

In this course we will investigate the "felt histories" of the American Civil War -- the personal experiences of Americans (northerners and southerners, slaves and freed...(more »)

Essentials of the Latin Language

Course Code: LATN 0100

An intensive two-semester approach to Latin with special emphasis on developing facility in the rapid reading of Latin literature. No previous knowledge of Latin is required.

(more »)

Fiction I

Course Code: LITR 0110A

A workshop for students who have little or no previous experience in writing fiction. Enrollment limited to 17 per section. This course is limited to undergraduates and pre-baccalaureates....(more »)

Screenwriting I

Course Code: LITR 0110E

A workshop for students who have little or no previous experience in writing screenplays. This course is limited to undergraduates and pre-baccalaureates. Grade Option: S (Satisfactory)...(more »)

Introductory Calculus, Part I

Course Code: MATH 0090

An intensive course in calculus of one variable including limits, differentiation, maxima and minima, the chain rule, rational functions, trigonometric functions, and exponential...(more »)

Introductory Calculus, Part II

Course Code: MATH 0100

A continuation of the material of MATH 0090 including further development of integration, techniques of integration, and applications. Other topics include infinite series, power...(more »)

Linear Algebra

Course Code: MATH 0520

Vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices, systems of linear equations, bases, projections, rotations, determinants, and inner products. Applications may include differential...(more »)

Cultures of the Contemporary Middle East

Course Code: MES 0155

In our exploration of Middle Eastern social movements, this course addresses the role of culture and art in social change; the relationship between faith and politics; as well...(more »)

Harmonic Convergence: Music’s Intersection with Science, Mathematics, History and Literature

Course Code: MUSC 0510

An examination of research on music and the brain; connections between music, mathematics and history; and music's interrelationship with literature. Readings include The...(more »)

The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience

Course Code: NEUR 0010

Introduction to the mammalian nervous system with emphasis on the structure and function of the human brain. Topics include the function of nerve cells, sensory systems, control...(more »)

Exploring Neural Data

Course Code: NEUR 1520

While a large part of being a neuroscientist involves performing experiments to collect data, the reality of studying the brain is that you can often collect way more data than...(more »)

Experimental Neurobiology

Course Code: NEUR 1600

Intensive laboratory experience in neuroscience appropriate for students with basic background in Neurobiology. Learn and employ the classical neurophysiological techniques of...(more »)

The Place of Persons

Course Code: PHIL 0010

Some fundamental moral and metaphysical issues concerning ourselves as persons: What is a person? Are we (humans) the only persons on this planet? What (if anything) gives us a...(more »)

Critical Reasoning

Course Code: PHIL 0100

The overall goal of this course is to improve students' ability to think clearly and carefully and to enable them to identify and evaluate arguments. This includes enabling...(more »)

Doctors and Patients- Clinical Communication in Medicine

Course Code: PHP 1010

Communication is central to medical practice and interpersonal relationships between patients and physicians can be powerful curative agents. This course reviews theory and research...(more »)

World of Food: Personal to Global Perspectives on Nutrition, Agriculture, and Policy (Online)

Course Code: PHP 1101

This course brings together issues of food and nutrition in America and around the world through the lens of public health, economics, and agriculture. The overarching theme requires...(more »)

Case Studies in Maternal and Child Health

Course Code: PHP 1994

This course examines current topics in maternal and child health by addressing the question: How can the communities we serve become the healthiest place for children? In this...(more »)

Basic Physics (3)

Course Code: PHYS 0030

Survey of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics for concentrators in sciences other than physics-including premedical students or students without prior...(more »)

Basic Physics (4)

Course Code: PHYS 0040

Survey of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics for concentrators in sciences other than physics-including premedical students or students without prior...(more »)

Science, Religion, and the Search for Happiness in Traditional Asian Thought

Course Code: RELS 0570

The search for true happiness is as relevant today as it was 2500 years ago in South and East Asia. What constitutes leading a rewarding and fulfilling life, according to the most...(more »)

Persuasive Communication

Course Code: TAPS 0220

Provides an introduction to public speaking, and helps students develop confidence in public speaking through the presentation of persuasive speeches. Primarily for seniors. Limited...(more »)

Theatre and Performance: Introduction to Post-Colonial African Theatre

Course Code: TAPS 1130

The course will start with an introduction to the anti-colonial conflict and protest that led to the birth of what, in Francophone colonies, came to be known as: Negritude. This...(more »)

Meditation and the Brain: Applications in Basic and Clinical Science

Course Code: UNIV 0090

This course draws upon the multi-disciplinary expertise of four instructors to provide a detailed exploration of recent neuroscientific research on meditation combined with guided...(more »)

An Introduction to Contemplative Studies

Course Code: UNIV 0540

Introduction to the new field of Contemplative Studies focusing on identifying methods human beings have found, across cultures and across time, to concentrate, broaden and deepen...(more »)

Studio Foundation

Course Code: VISA 0100

An introduction to basic visual art concepts, exploring a range of materials with emphasis on experimentation and analysis of visual relationships. Drawing is a vital part of this...(more »)

Studio Foundation

Course Code: VISA 0100

An introduction to basic visual art concepts, exploring a range of materials with emphasis on experimentation and analysis of visual relationships. Drawing is a vital part of this...(more »)

3-D Foundation

Course Code: VISA 0130

This is an extensive study in form and structure to develop spatial understanding and the fundamentals of 3-dimensional design and construction. Students will explore the structural,...(more »)

Drawing With Watercolor

Course Code: VISA 1330

This course will be a rigorous examination of the possibilities of drawing with watercolor. We will do a lot of work outside and there will be an emphasis on unorthodox use of...(more »)

Black and White Photography

Course Code: VISA 1510

This course offers introduction to traditional black and white 35mm darkroom techniques, including processing film, silver gelatin printing and related techniques. While the class...(more »)