Current Students

The students in the Master's Program in Behavioral and Social Sciences Intervention come from all over the country, and all over the world. Their interests are varied and include the areas of addictions, HIV and AIDS, clinical psychology, exercise, and social inequality, among others. Meet them here:

Emilie Bourke
Thesis: The In-Session and Long-Term Role of a Significant Other in Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorders
AdvisorChris Kahler

Michael Brickley
Interests: Exercise-mental health linkage
AdvisorDave Williams


Kelsey Collins
ThesisPartner Type-Specific Safer Sex Decision-Making among College Students: A Mixed Methods Approach
AdvisorKate Carey


Samuel Fricchione
 Thesis: Do Small Financial Incentives Increase Exercise in Previously Inactive Adults? 
Advisor: Don Operario


Hannah Graves
Thesis: Daily Co-Occurrences of Sexual Intercourse, Marijuana Use, Alcohol Use, and School Truancy among an At-Risk, Truant Adolescent Population
Advisor: Nadine Mastroleo

Frederick Holloway
Interests: Minority youth populations,  culturally appropriate interventions
AdvisorKim Gans

David Manning

ThesesThe Irony of Wealth: Socioeconomic Factors Affecting HIV-Related Risk Behaviors among Men Who Have Sex with Men / Socioeconomic Factors of HIV-Risk Behaviors among Adult Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Systematic Review
AdvisorDon Operario

Miriam Midoun
Thesis: Masculinity, Sexual Identities, and Sexual Risk Behaviors among MSM In Malindi, Kenya
Advisor: Akilah Dulin Keita


Jessica Mitter
ThesisEfficacy of Gender-Based Interventions on the Reduction of Interpersonal Violence and HIV Risk Behaviors: A Systematic Review of the Evidence
Advisor: Abigail Harrison

Gabriela Raffucci
Interests: HIV stigma, discrimination, social inequality; Spanish speaking populations
Advisor: Lynn Hernandez

Sylvia Shangani
Thesis: A Longitudinal Study of the Association Between Cash Transfer, Future Outlook, and Psychological Wellbeing Among Orphaned and Separated Children in Eldoret, Kenya
Advisor: Don Operario

Amy Silvia
Thesis: Investigating Underlying Psychosocial Characteristics In the Development of an Effective Sexual Education Program for Emerging Male Adults: A Formative Research Study
Advisor: Don Operario

Tonya Tavares
Thesis: Situational Adaptation and Alcohol Relapse After Treatment: A Mixed Methods Approach
Advisor: Tara White

Sheila Tumilty

Interests: HIV/AIDS, translational research, underserved populations
Advisor:Kate Carey

Sijia Wang

Thesis: Understanding the Bisexual “Bridge” for HIV Transmission in China: Qualitative Study of the HIV Risk Factors for Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women in China
Advisor Don Operario

Emily Xavier
Thesis: Effects of Smoking Abstinence on Cigarette Craving, Nicotine Withdrawal, and Smoking Behavior in Male and Female Heavy Smokers
Advisor: Rosemarie Martin

Chong Yang
Interests: Teen pregnancy, culturally appropriate interventions.
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita