Current Master's Students

Students in the Master's Program in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences (BSHS) come from all over the country, and all over the world. Their interests are varied and include substance use and addiction, HIV and AIDS, exercise, and health disparities, among others. Meet them here:

Sara Balestrieri
Interests: Substance use; Alcohol; Addiction; computer-based health assesments
AdvisorChris Kahler

Madeline Benz

Interests: Comorbidity of mental illness and substance abuse disorders
AdvisorDave Williams

Michael Brickley

Interests: Exercise-mental health linkage
AdvisorDave Williams


Graham DiGuiseppi
Interests: Substance use; Mental health; Mindfulness; mHealth
AdvisorChris Kahler


Laura Dionne
Interests: Exercise promotion; Nutrition; Obesity
Advisor: Dave Williams


Ayla Durst
Interests: Sexual risk; Mental illness; Medical anthropology
Advisor: Chris Kahler


Ellen Fitzharris
Interests: PTSD; Sexual trauma; Sexual risk taking; Substance use
AdvisorWilliam Rakowski

Tiffany Glynn

Interests: Impact of substance use on sexual risk in sexual minority populations with a particular interest in HIV transmission, and interventions to improve outcomes 
AdvisorDon Operario

Frederick Holloway

Interests: Minority youth populations;  Culturally appropriate interventions
AdvisorWilliam Rakowski

Hannah Jones

Interests: STI prevention and treatment
AdvisorAbigail Harrison

Elizabeth Kinnard

Interests: Substance use; HIV/AIDS
AdvisorDon Operario


Ashley Lowery

Interests: Alcohol; Substance use; Adolescent behavior and development
Advisor: Dave Williams

Alexandria Macmadu

Interests: Opioid use trends and overdose prevention; Rural and prisoner populations
AdvisorKate Carey


Steven Martinez
Interests: HIV prevention; Sexual health; Minority populations 
AdvisorDon Operario


Gabriela Raffucci
Interests: HIV stigma discrimination, social inequality; Spanish speaking populations
Advisor: Lynn Hernandez

Shantell Steve

Interests: Health disparities; Underserved populations
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita


Sheila Tumilty

Thesis: A Comparison of Two Health Literacy Screening Instruments in an Urban HIV Population
AdvisorKate Carey

Chong Yang

Interests: Teen pregnancy; Culturally appropriate interventions
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita