Research published about unexpected complications of low-risk pregnancies

When a woman becomes pregnant or is planning a pregnancy, one of her first decisions is where she will deliver her baby. With options ranging from birthing centers to small community hospitals to regional health networks to academic medical centers, the decision can be confusing. The question, especially for a woman with a low-risk pregnancy, is "What is the likelihood that something could go wrong?" 

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(Distributed June 12, 2015)

SER Meeting 2015 | Denver

The 48th Annual Society for Epidemiologic Research Meeting will take place in Denver, Colorado from June 16-19

(Distributed June 5, 2015)

Treating prisoners with methadone can reduce drug use, addiction, and crime

Rhode Island is in the midst of an overdose epidemic. Dr. Josiah Rich, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Brown, believes part of the solution is looking at inmates who have been arrested for abusing narcotics and ensuring them treatment while they are incarcerated. Dr. Rich spoke to NBC 10 news about his research on treating prison imates with methadone rather than letting them fall back into addiction.

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(Distributed June 2, 2015)

Hailee Dunn and co-authors awarded prize for women's health research

A paper by Hailee Dunn and co-authors has been awarded the Charles E. Gibbs Leadership Prize for best manuscript published in Women's Health Issues in 2014. The Gibbs Prize is awarded annually to recognize excellence in research on women's health care or policy. Priority is given to manuscripts that report the results of original research and that improve understanding of an important women's health issue. Dunn graduated in 2014 with an MPH from Brown's School of Public Health

(Distributed May 21, 2015)

Melissa Clark, PhD Receives Comfort and Urry Prize

Dr. Melissa Clark has been awarded the Comfort and Urry Prize for for leadership, career advising, and motivation. The Comfort and Urry Prize, which is offered through CareerLAB, recognizes faculty members who have been especially helpful to students in shaping their life goals and plans after Brown. The CareerLAB honors Dr. Clark for the significant differences she has made on the careers of her students through her attentive mentoring. 

(Distributed May 1, 2015)
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