Recent Graduates

Health Services Research Doctoral Program Graduates


Shivaani G. Prakash 

Dissertation:  The Relationship between Mental Health Capital and Labor Market Outcomes:  Evidence from the U.S. and Chile

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Danya M. Qato

Dissertation:  Elucidating the Role of Patients, Providers, and Policies in Predicting (Mis) Use of High Risk Prescription Medication

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Alicia L. Cooper
Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, Vermont State Innovation Model
Department of Vermont Health Access
Dissertation:  Predictors and Outcomes of High-Risk Prescribing Among Elderly Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries 

 Hye-Young (Arian) Jung
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Weill Cornell Medical College, Division of Quality and Medical Informatics
Dissertation:  Differences in Skilled Nursing Facility Care and Associated Outcomes Among Medicare Advantage and Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries  

Chang Liu
Research Assistant Professor
Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School
Dissertation:  The Impact of Insurance Policy Changes on Patients’ and Providers’ Behavior and Cost of Care:  Experiences from Medicare Drug Policy and Medicaid Nursing Home Policy  

 Chimaeze Dee Ndumele
Assistant Professor
Yale School of Public Health
Dissertation:  Examining Sources and Consequences of Variation Among Adult Medicaid Enrollees

Mark A. Unruh
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Weill Cornell Medical College
Dissertation:  The Influence of Medicaid and Medicare Policies on Hospitalizations