It's Time to Harness the Power of the Pulpit

Coinciding with  National HIV Testing Day, Amy Nunn, assistant professor of behavioral and social sciences, writes about how African American clergy in the Deep South can play a powerful role in HIV testing and prevention efforts.

(Distributed July 14, 2014)

MPH Program Accreditation

The MPH Program has been accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) since 2002.  We are currently undergoing a periodic re-accreditation by CEPH with a site visit scheduled for October 9 and 10, 2014.  CEPH is accepting written comments from third parties until 30 days before the scheduled site visit.  Third party comments should be submitted in writing by September 9, 2014.  Comments can be sent by email to

(Distributed June 16, 2014)

South Africa: STI testing could boost HIV prevention

Sexually transmitted infections can make HIV transmission more likely, undermining the prevention benefit of HIV treatment. A new study of HIV-positive patients in Cape Town, South Africa, found that the prevalence of such co-infections was much higher before beginning HIV treatment.

(Distributed June 13, 2014)
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