PhD in Biostatistics

PhD in Biostatistics

Director of Doctoral Graduate Program
Zhijin (Jean) Wu, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics

The doctoral program in biostatistics is designed to train independent researchers who will develop new quantitative methods and underlying theory and make innovative applications to substantive and demanding scientific problems in public health, medicine, biology, and the social sciences. The program emphasizes theory, methods and applications of biostatistics that are central to modern interdisciplinary research. In addition to completing core courses in theory and methods of biostatistics, Ph.D. students are required to develop expertise in an area of application (e.g., epidemiology, economics, molecular biology, etc.).

Major areas of faculty research include Bayesian inference, analysis of biomarkers and diagnostic tests, causal inference and missing data, time series and functional data analysis, modeling of social networks, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, longitudinal data, and multilevel modeling. Faculty collaborate actively with investigators in several areas, including cancer prevention and screening, genomics and bioinformatics, neurosciences, social science and health policy, behavioral genetics, and HIV/AIDS.

Funding via fellowship, teaching assistantship and research assistantship is available for those admitted to the PhD program. Application deadline is January 5.

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