Sabina Griffin

Center Manager
401 863 1177

Nicole Larrondo


James McGrath

Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Public Humanities

Ronald Potvin
Assistant Director for Professional Programs and Curator
401 863 5312

Robyn Schroeder

Postdoctoral Fellow / Director of Graduate Studies
401 863 1396

Susan Smulyan

Director, Professor of American Studies
401 863 6115 

2015/2016 Faculty 

Jaclyn Delamatre

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Public Humanities
AMST 2696: The Promise of Informal Learning (Fall 2015)

Caroline Frank

Adjunct Assistant Professor in American Studies
AMST 1905M: Whose Heritage? National Landmarks for Diverse Publics (Spring 2016)

Sarah Ganz Blythe
Adjunct Assistant Profesor in Public Humanities
AMST 2697 Museum Interpretation Practices (Spring 2016)

Steve Lubar

Professor of American Studies and History
AMST 2650 Introduction to Public Humanities (Fall 2015)
AMST 1510 Museum Collecting and Collection (Fall 2015)

James McGrath

Postdoctoral Fellow
Digital Public Humanities (Spring 2016)

Ron Potvin

Adjunct Instructor in Public Humanities
AMST 1903Z: Shrine, House or Home: Rethinking the House Museum Paradigm (Spring 2016)

Robyn Schroeder

Postdoctoral Fellow
Public Humanities and Social Justice (Spring 2016)

Susan Smulyan

Professor, American Studies
AMST 2540: Methods in Public Humanities (Spring 2016)

Janet Zweig

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Public Humanities
AMST 2653: Public Art, Theory and Practice (Fall 2015)

Center Advisory Board

Prof. Tony Bogues
Department of Africana Studies and Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice
Brown University

Dan Cohen
Executive Director
Digital Public Library of America

Kath Connolly
Director of Partnerships
The Learning Community, Central Falls, RI

Prof. Beshara Doumani
Department of History and Center for Middle East Studies
Brown University

Prof. Julie Ellison
Departments of American Culture and English
University of Michigan

Elizabeth Francis
Executive Director
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Prof. Matt Guterl
Chair, Department of American Studies
Brown University

Stephanie Norby
Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access 

Clay Rockefeller
Providence, RI

Randy Rosenbaum
Rhode Island State Council for the Arts

John Smith
RISD Museum

Prof. Elizabeth Taylor
Department of English
Brown University

Morris Vogel
Lower East Side Tenement Museum





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