The Brown Center for Public Humanities lists courses under the American Studies rubric: AMST.   Our flexible program draws on Brown University's open curriculum.  Elective courses can be selected from approved 1000 and 2000 level courses offered at Brown, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  

In the SPRING of 2015, the Center is sponsoring the following courses:

AMST 1903I Museum Histories (Steve Lubar) Course Registration Number 24373

 AMST 9015M, Whose Heritage?: National Landmarks for Diverse Publics (Caroline Frank), Course Registraiton Number 26203

AMST 9015V, Digital Communities (Willow Brugh) Course Registration Number TBA

AMST 2540, Methods in Public Humanities (Susan Smulyan) Course Registration Number TBA

AMST 2691 Poetry in Service to Schools and the Community (Rick Benjamin) Course Registration Number 25924

In the FALL of 2014, the Center is sponsoring the following courses:

AMST 1510, Museum Collections and Collecting (Ronald Potvin), Course Registration Number: 16839

 AMST 2650: Introduction to Public Humanities (Steve Lubar), Course Registration Number: 15098

AMST 2653: Public Art, Theory and Practice (Janet Zweig), Course Registration Number: 14983

 AMST 2656: Cultural Policy Planning (Craig Dreeszen), Course Registration Number: 14984

AMST 2697: Museum Interpretation Practices (Sarah Ganz Blythe), Course Registration Number 15099

AMST 2699: Digital Storytelling (Matthew London), Course Registration Number 15096

Please visit Brown's course catalogue for a complete listing of course offerings.

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