A Day in the Life of a Public Humanities Professional

As one of the people who help to run the public humanities M.A. program, I am frequently asked "what do your graduates do?"  Whether responding to prospective students, faculty, or staff at local organizations, answering this question gives me a way to talk about the fascinating and varied ways that public humanities alumni are putting their degree to work in the world.  Six cohorts of students – about 75 in all -- have completed the M.A.

(Distributed March 27, 2013)

Digital storytelling in the Digital Scholarship Lab

Using new technologies in digital scholarship involves constant negotiation.  Scholars must select technologies that are fit for their purposes.  But their understanding of purpose hinges upon grasping the affordances of the technologies they might use.  In other words, scholars cannot know what their purposes might be until they understand the affordances of the technologies they might use.

(Distributed March 19, 2013)

Building a Dance-literate Public

American Dance Legacy Initiative’s Mini-Fest opens on Friday night, March 15th, at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.  This event is ADLI’s annual opportunity to gather together its wide-ranging community of dancers, educators, and advocates to celebrate a year’s worth of accomplishments, and to share our work with the public in our local community here in Rhode Island.

(Distributed March 11, 2013)

The beginning of Weaving Stories, Weaving Lives...

Running from February 18 to April 7, 2013, Weaving Stories, Weaving Lives: Maya Textiles from Guatemala and New Bedford is a new exhibit at the New Bedford Whaling Museum that was curated by two second-year public humanities students: Anna Ghublikian and María Quintero. The show was expanded from an earlier installation on display at the public humanities center in 2012.

(Distributed March 1, 2013)

Random Acts of Poetry

Guest blogger Rick Benjamin, Adjunct assistant professor of environmental studies and public humanities, was recently appointed state poet of Rhode Island. The state poet is “an artist who represents the highest achievement in poetry” and serves as an advocate for poetry in Rhode Island.

(Distributed February 26, 2013)

Kickstarting Public Humanities

If you are reading the Brown Center for Public Humanities blog, there’s a chance you know what Public Humanities means or you are trying to find out. It is an interesting irony that an interdisciplinary field focused on engaging the public goes by such a poorly understood term. It is our job, in part, to make the public humanities more understood and relevant by getting out “there” - wherever there happens to be. Today, “there” is increasingly a digital space.

(Distributed February 14, 2013)

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