Graduate Study

Graduate Study of East Asia

The graduate study of East Asia at Brown is highly interdisciplinary.  Related courses, activities, and other resources can be found throughtout the University.  Religious studies, in particular, is committed to the study of East Asia at the graduate level (see Asian Religious Traditions).  This site is our attempt to centralize informationation regarding East Asan graduate studies at Brown.  It will continue to develop so please check back periodically for  up-to-date information.

Courses of possible interest to graduate students in East Asian Fields
2013-2014 Academic Year (listed by Department)


AMST 1612x (TAPS 1270): Performances in the Asias
Fall 2013

AMST 1940N (ENGL 1716V): The Korean War in Color 
Fall 2013 

AMST 1611Z, Century of Immigration
Spring 2014; Tues/Thurs 2:30-3:50pm
Meckel, Richard Aian

CHIN0700, 0800: Advanced Modern Chinese II
Fall 2013
Tseng, Hsin-I

CHIN 0920C: The Changing Fall of China: Advanced Reading in Chinese Media
Fall 2013; Tues/Thurs 10:30am-11:50am
Wang, Yang 

CHIN 1040: Modern Chinese Literature
Fall 2013
Wang, Lingzhen


COLT 2720: Literary Translation
Fall 2013, Th 4-6:20
Levy, Dore 


EAST 1400: The Floating World: Early Modern Japanese Culture
Sawada, Janine T.


ECON 1500: Current Global Macroeconomic Challenges
Fall 2013, T, Th 6:30-7:50
Wyss, David

ECON 1530: Health, Hunger & the Household
Fall 2013, T, TH 2:30-3:50
Foster, Andrew

ECON 1540: International Trade
Fall 2013, MWF 9-9:50
Blaum, Joaquin

ECON 1560: Economic Growth
Fall 2013, T, TH 9-10:20
Weil, David

ECON 1590: The Economy of China Since 1949
Spring 2014, T, TH 2:30-3:50pm
Henderson, J. Vernon

ECON 2410: Urbanization
Spring 2014, M 1-3:20
Loury, Glenn 


HIST 2930;The Theory and Practice of History (Grad Colloquium/required for first years)
Fall 2013; Th 4-6:20pm
Brokaw, Cynthia

 HIST 1530: Modern Korea (undergrad lecture)
Fall 2013 MWF 10-10:50am
McClain, James 

HIST  1973M: Outside the Mainstream (undergrad seminar)
Fall 2013, T 9:30-11:50am
McClain, James

HIST 1571: The Making of Modern East Asia
Fall 2013, T, TH 10:30-11:50am
Nedostup, Rebecca/Smith, Kerry

HIST 1978I: The Social Lives of Dead Bodies in China and Beyond (undergrad seminar)
Fall 2013, Th. 4-6:20pm
Nedostup, Rebecca

HIST 2940 Graduate Workshop: The Practice of History (required for second years)
Smith, Kerry

HIST 1976E: Women and Gender Relations in China, Past and Present (undergrad seminar)
Spring 2014, M 3-5:20
Brokaw, Cynthia

HIST 1540: Japan's Urban Culture (undergrad lecture)
Spring 2014, T,TH 10:30-11:50
McClain, James

HIST 1973J: Korea: North and South (undergrad seminar)
Spring 2014, W 9:30-11:50
McClain, James

HIST 1503: China Pop: The Social History of Chinese Popular Culture (undergrad lecture)
Spring 2014, T, TH 1-2:20
Nedostup, Rebecca

HIST 1570: Japan's Pacific War (undergrad lecture)
Spring 2014, MWF 12-12:50
Smith, Kerry

HIST 1978R: Empires and Cultures in East Asia (undergrad seminar)
Spring 2014, W 3-5:20
Smith, Kerry 


INTL 1420: Globalization and the Rise of Asia
Fall 2013
Wyss, David


JAPN 0700, 0800: Advanced Readings in Japanese
Fall 2013
Tajima, Hiroshi

JAPN 1310: Japanese Linguistics: Communications & Understanding Utterances
Fall 2013
Yamashita, Kikuko


MCM 1503U: Post 80's Asian Cinemas: From New Waves to the Digital Generations 
Fall 2013, Th 4-6:20pm, + screenings
Neves, Joshua 


PLS 1821O: Politics of Economic Development i nAsia
Fall 2013
Varshney, Ashutosh


RELS 1440: Themes in Japanese Buddhism
Fall 2013, W 4-6:20
Sawada, Janine

RELS 2300B: Huai-nan Tzu
Fall 2013, Th 4-6:20
Roth, Harold

RELS 1415B: Classical Daoist Thought: Context and Consciousness in the Zhuangzi
Spring 2014, Th 4-6:20
Roth, Harold

RELS2350A: Tokugawa Religion Revisited
Spring 2014, M 2-4:20
Sawada, Janine 


TAPS 1270: Performances in the Asias
Fall 2013
Lim, Eng-Beng