The Science Center administrative team is dedicated to science education at Brown and beyond.  Feel free to contact us with questions regarding our programs and initiatives.

David Targan
Science Center Director/Associate Dean of the College
(401) 863-2314, Box 1992, SC 328 

David Targan received degrees from Brown (Sc.B.), University of California-Los Angeles,  (M.A.), and the University of Minnesota (Ph.D.). While at UCLA and Minnesota, he conducted research on cataclysmic binary stars at Lick Observatory, Mt. Lemmon, and Palomar. Dean Targan is a member of Brown's Department of Physics and, as Director of the Ladd Observatory, oversees public programming and special programs in which area teachers and students conduct original research in astronomy using Brown's supercomputer and telescopes. 

As Associate Dean for Science Education, David Targan has helped build nationally recognized science programs, such as the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program and the Sloan-sponsored science faculty workshop. He is currently spearheading initiatives on public access to science, informal science education, computational astronomy, and medical education. He also serves as co-Principal Investigator on Brown's National Science Foundation GK-12 grant, the NASA Space Grant, and other federally and privately supported science programs. Contact Dean Targan for consultation and advising about any issue related to the physical sciences at Brown.

Oludurotimi Adetunji 
Dir. of Science Center Outreach/Associate Dean of the College
(401) 863-9800, Box 1828, UH 201 

Oludurotimi Adetunji earned his B.S. in Physics and Computer Science from Fisk University and his Ph.D. in experimental condensed matter physics from The Ohio State University. During his graduate study, he worked as a Physical Scientist in the areas of biomaterials and nano-channel glass device/applications at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. A member of  Brown's Department of Physics, Dean Adetunji has conducted research focused on the development of piezoresistive sensor based on nano-network of conducting polymers. During his tenure at The Ohio State University, he received two National Science Foundation grants, including one leading to the development of an intervention model for inspiring future geoscientists.

As Director of Science Outreach, Dean Adetunji oversees STEM initiatives in several areas including Science Cartoons (Sci-Toons), Broader Impacts, faculty and student coordinator workshops, professional development for educators, and program assessment.

Sarah Taylor
Instructional Coordinator/Science Learning Specialist
(401) 863-6891, Box G-A1, SC 306

Sarah Taylor received her Sc.B. (Biology, 2006) from Brown. She currently provides teaching support for an array of biology courses at Brown including physiology, genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, and evolutionary biology. She is currently co-teaching an experimental course, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, that will give students the opportunity to isolate and analyze DNA using both laboratory and computational techniques.  She also teaches biology courses at RISD and has tutored broadly in the biological and physical sciences. Previously, Ms. Taylor worked as a consultant, a grant writer, and as the Coordinator for the Providence Journal-Brown University Public Affairs Conference. As a Science Learning Specialist, Sarah oversees enhanced group tutoring for courses in chemistry and physics at the Science Center.