GWiSE Event: Cookies and Conversations

A friendly reminder that GWiSE will be hosting its first event, Cookies and Conversations, Tuesday evening (11/19/13) at 6:30PM in the main room of the Science Center!

We will begin with a short presentation by Sarah Craft, a graduate student in archaeology, who will discuss women's portrayal in media, followed by an open discussion of women's depictions as scientists in contemporary TV and film (there will be ample video clips!).

(Distributed November 18, 2013)

Ladd Obervatory

Ladd Obervatory has changed its hours and is now open to the public, free of charge, from 7-9PM on Tuesday evenings, weather permitting. Ladd Observatory is located at 210 Doyle Avenue, at the corner of Doyle and Hope. (Distributed November 14, 2013)