Study Room Policies

General Information

A study group may reserve a small study room up to one week in advance. Reservations are forfeited if the scheduled group fails to arrive 15 minutes after their scheduled start time.

Any room that is vacant or occupied by only one or two people is available for immediate group use. When not being used by a group, a room may be used for individual study on a first-come, first-served basis; however, groups always get priority over individuals.

Group Requirements

Study groups are expected to avoid any behaviors that would disrupt other users' experience in the Science Center. Study rooms are not sound-proof; group participants should keep conversation at a low volume.

Limited quantities of food and beverages are allowed in study rooms, as long as group members clean up after themselves. Cleaning supplies and large trash bags are available at the front desk. Trash bags should be tied and left in the kitchen area so they can be removed in the morning by housekeeping.

Reserve a Study Room

The Science Center begins processing requests for small study rooms a week or two before the beginning of a semester. Please note that we cannot process evening requests for the Main Room until after the first week of classes. If you have any questions , email or call 401-863-6890.