Graduate Job Placements

Most of our graduates who pursue academic placements in the U.S. meet their professional goals, and many join the faculty of top research programs. Similarly, those graduates who pursue other research or policy positions begin careers in prominent government and international agencies, research centers, and consulting firms.

Today, Brown PhDs are on the faculties at Cornell, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, and many other schools. Outside the U.S., they are at top international research institutions, including McGill University, Peking University, and El Colegio de Mexico. They work at the National Institutes of Health, the Census Bureau, the United Nations, the CDC, and the World Bank. Many of our PhDs choose to begin their careers with a postdoctoral fellowship. In the last several years our graduates have accepted postdoctoral positions at Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Tulane, Minnesota, RAND, Oxford, Indiana, and many other top institutions. Placements for the most recent PhDs are listed below.


Adar, Sinem – Postdoctoral Fellow, University of South Florida

Hernández-Medina, Iluminada Esther – Dominican Republic Tax Office

Mullen, Erica – New York City Human Resources Administration / Department of Social Services

Onyango, Bernard – National Council for Population and Development in Kenya

Plavin-Masterman, Mim – Assistant Professor, Worcester State University

Singh, Gayatri – World Bank

Vithayathil, Trina – Assistant Professor, Providence College

Zhang, Weiwei – Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University 


Adams, Crystal – Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Clerge, Orly – Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale; Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Cordner, Alissa – Assistant Professor, Whitman College

Yang, Myungji – Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Bridges, Todd. Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Germany 

Gibson, Christopher. Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Goldberg, Rachel. Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University.

Herman, Moshi. Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College.

Majumdar, Shruti. Consultant, World Bank. 

Seltzer, Amy Kracker. Visiting Assistant Professor, William and Mary

Song, Jing. Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China

Villacres, Daniella. Consultant, World Bank

Villegas, Celso. Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, Kenyon College

Xu, Hongwei. Faculty Research Fellow, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan 


Drew, Julia. Research Associate, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

Esteves, Ana. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Tulane University

Loft, Lisbeth Trille. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Minca, Elisabeta. Postdoctoral Fellow, Community Health, Brown University

Sanchez Soto, Gabriela. Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University


Admassu, Kassahun. Postdoctoral Fellow, Africa Population & Health Research Center (APHRC), Kenya

Darrah, Jennifer. Lecturer, Harvard University


Fennell, Julie. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Gallaudet University 

Lopez-Ramirez, Adriana. Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Ngqulunga, Bongani. Consultant to the President of South Africa, The Presidency, Republic of South Africa

Schensul, Daniel. Consultant, United Nations – Population, Development, and Environment, Demographic and Social Statistics Branch 

Parker, Erin. Epidemic Intelligence Service, Centers for Disease Control

Reed, Holly. Assistant Professor of Sociology and Faculty Affiliate at CUNY Institute for Demographic Research, Queens College

Senier, Laura. Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology and the Department of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Shandra, Carrie. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Hofstra University