Ph.D. Students on the Job Market

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The following Ph.D. candidates and recent graduates from the Brown University Department of Sociology are seeking positions in the field. To see more information on each candidate, please view his or her profile by clicking the name.

Aisalkyn Botoeva

Botoeva, AisalkynBotoeva, Aisalkyn

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Organizational studies; Economic Sociology; Development; Globalization; Qualitative Research Methods; Post-Soviet Studies

Dissertation: The Purchase of Piety: Moral Futures and Islamic Businesses in post-Soviet context.

Committee Members: Mark Suchman (Chair), Nitsan Chorev, Josh Pacewicz & Pauline Jones Luong (University of Michigan)

Karida Brown

Brown, KaridaBrown, Karida

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Cultural Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Historical Sociology; Social Theory; Migration; Archival Science; Oral History; Sociology of Education; African American Studies; Appalachian Studies

Dissertation: Before they were Diamonds: The Intergenerational Migration of Kentucky's Coal Camp Blacks

Committee Members: Jose Itzigsohn (Chair), Michael Kennedy, Paget Henry, Anthony Bogues, Françoise N. Hamlin, William Ferris (UNC Chapel Hill)

Tania Jenkins

Jenkins, TaniaJenkins, Tania

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Medical Sociology; Sociology Of Professions; Professional Stratification; Qualitative Methods; Ethnography; Sociological Theory

Dissertation: Doctoring with Inequality: Professional Stratification among Internal Medicine Resident

Committee Members: Susan Short (chair), Phil Brown (Northeastern University), Margot Jackson

Meghan Kallman

Kallman, MeghanKallman, Meghan

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Organizations; Development; Social Movements; Political Sociology

Dissertation: Bureaucratized morality, institutional durability: organizationally mediated idealism in the Peace Corps.

Committee Members: Mark C. Suchman (Chair), Nitsan Chorev, Patrick Heller, Josh Pacewictz

Heather Randell

Randell, HeatherRandell, Heather

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Environmental Sociology; Migration; Social Demography; International Development; Global Health; Mixed Methods

Dissertation: Hydropower and the Dynamics of Displacement: Forced Migration and Agricultural Livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon

Committee Members: Leah VanWey (chair), David Lindstrom, Michael White, Clark Gray (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Inku Subedi

Subedi, InkuSubedi, Inku

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Social Demography; Gender Inequality; Life Course and Social Stratification; Transition to Adulthood; Determinants and Consequences of Migration; Population Health, including Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dissertation: Gender Differences in Migration, Marital Timing, and Spousal Choice within Marriage in Nepal

Committee Members: Michael White (chair), Leah Vanwey, Nancy Luke