Sociology Ph.D.s on the Job Market

The following Ph.D. candidates and recent graduates from the Brown University Department of Sociology are seeking positions in the field.


David Ciplet

Ciplet, DavidCiplet, David

Ph.D. expected Spring 2014
David's CV 

Research Interests: Environmental Sociology, Political Economy of Development, Power and Inequality in Global Environmental Politics, Climate Change and Energy, Environmental Justice

Dissertation: Power Shift: Class, Coalitions and Conflict and the Transition from Coal to Natural Gas

Committee Members: Timmons Roberts (Chair), Phil Brown, Nitsan Chorev



Erica Mullen

Mullen, Erica JadeMullen, Erica Jade

Ph.D. expected 2014
Erica's CV 

Research Interests: Immigration and Migration, Immigrant IncorporationUrbanization, Demography, Race and Ethnic Relations

Dissertion: The Redistribution and Socioeconomic Mobility of Immigrants in America's Interior

Committee Members: Michael White (Chair), José Itzigsohn, David Lindstrom



Weiwei Zhang

Zhang, WeiweiZhang, Weiwei

Ph.D. expected 2014
Weiwei's CV 

Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Migration and Immigration, Measurements of Segregation, Spatial Data Analysis

Dissertion: National Origin Differences in Asian Residential Patterns in the United States: Changes from 1970 to 2010

 Committee Members: John R. Logan (Chair), Michael J. White, José Itzigsohn