The following is a list of possible South Asian courses at Brown in spring 2014. This list is not exhaustive, as any class, which allows the concentrator to complete a substantial final project on South Asia, may be counted towards the concentration requirements. Check course listings on BOCA for more information.

Spring 2015 Courses 

CLAS 0990 S01 - Concepts of the Self in Classical Indian Literature
HIAA 1410C S01 - What is Islamic Art?
HIST 2971K S01  - Globalization and Asia
HIST 1977Q S01 - Decolonizing Minds: A People's History of the   World
HNDI 0200 S01 - Beginning Hindi or Urdu
HNDI 0400 S01   - Intermediate Hindi-Urdu
HNDI 1080 S01 - Advanced Hindi-Urdu
POLS 1280 - Politics, Economy and Society in India
PRSN 0200 S01 - Basic Persian
PRSN 0400 S01 - Intermediate Persian Language and Culture
PRSN 0600 S01 - Advanced Persian Language and Culture II
RELS 1395 S01 - The Shape of the Divine: Images in the Religions of India
RELS 1443 S01 - Pure Land Buddhism: East Asia's Major Religion
SANS 0200 S01 - Elementary Sanskrit II
SANS 0400 S01 - Classical Sanskrit Story Literature
SANS 1800 S01 - Classical Schools of Indian Philosophy
TAPS 1270 S01 - Masking, Trancing, Performing, and Spectating in Non-Western and Circumpacific Performance