The Taubman Connection

                                    A. Alfred TaubmanA. Alfred Taubman

“My own experience in American business persuades me that it is critical for young men and women…to understand what makes the American system work. ‘What is the grease that keeps the wheels turning?’ and ‘What has fashioned one of the most successful economic and social systems in modern times?’”  

A. Alfred Taubman

We are most grateful to our benefactor, A. Alfred Taubman, a pioneer in America’s shopping center industry who remains active in many business, civic, cultural, and educational activities around the world. In addition to Brown University, his generosity as a philanthropist has benefitted the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Lawrence Technical University, the College for Creative Studies, and several areas of medical research.

We invite you to learn more about Mr. Taubman’s fascinating life and career, which are chronicled in his best-selling business memoir, Threshold Resistance: The Extraordinary Career of a Retailing Pioneer, published by Harper Collins.