Undergraduate Programs
Theatre Students Engaged on the Stage
Theatre Students Engaged on the Stage

Theater Apprentice Program Curriculum

The Apprentice experience is made up of four parts:

I. Through workshops lead by professional playwrights, directors, and actors from the Playwrights Repertory Company, apprentices build an ensemble-created performance piece performed in a fully-equipped studio theatre during the Festival Week.

Brown University TheatreApprentice Program

II. Apprentices will sign up for either one (1) or two (2) regular, credit-bearing Theatre Arts course(s) that can be applied toward a Brown degree or transferred back to the visiting student's home institution. All students will be placed in a performance based course. (It may be “Acting,” “The Actor's Instrument,” “Clown” or another course to be determined). Upon acceptance in the company, apprentices will be individually advised as to the appropriate course. Additionally, each student will fully participate as a creative ensemble in the Apprentice Workshop. Students who wish to receive a second academic credit will enroll in “The Creative Ensemble.” Students enrolled in this course will be involved in a related research project.

Brown students must choose the S/NC grade option. Visiting students must arrange with the instructor to choose the letter grade option. For complete course descriptions, please see the Summer Session course catalogue.

Course Descriptions

The Actor's Instrument: Clown
Derived from the teachings of Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier, this course is physically-based, improvisational, loud and messy. Emphasis is on organic and intuitive response, timing and rhythms inherent in comedy, non-verbal expression, the relationship of the Actor to the Audience, and Play! Enrollment limited to 20. Instructor permission required. S/NC

Brown University TheatreApprentice Program

The Creative Ensemble
Develops skills in acting, improvisation, directing, teaching, and writing. Through research, performance and collaboration, participants explore individual/group talents and creative passions. Ensemble-created final performance project. Prerequisite: TAPS 0230 or equivalent.

III. Each apprentice works in a support capacity on one or more of the Playwrights Repertory Theatre plays. Assignments may include: assistant to the director, assistant stage manager, run crew, board operator, box office and publicity, dramaturgy, costume and prop construction, sound board or light tech. Apprentices may audition for roles in the Playwrights Rep if they are accepted into the program before Rep roles are cast. They may also be asked to understudy a role when appropriate.

IV. All apprentices work closely with students in the pre-college TheatreBridge Company, teaching, mentoring, and directing their creative projects. As members of the Apprentice Company develop their own skills, they are asked to pass them along to students in the younger company.

A Day in the Life...

A peak day in the full program might include 3 hours in a credit-bearing performance based class, 2 - 3 hours in the creative ensemble workshop, 1-2 hours of class or creative work/rehearsal, 1 hour teaching/directing the younger TheatreBridge Company, and 4 hours (more during technical rehearsals) working alongside paid professionals at the Playwrights Rep.